Some Of The Family Favourites And Favourite Families

Friday May 26th –

As usual, the day, post airport is a lazy day to be had by all, no matter who were the ones that had arrived or done the picking up.

Eventually cinnamon buns were heated up for breakfast and they were oh so tasty, being their buttery best selves πŸ’•πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ΄

Later in the day, Becca and her saplings arrived so they could all be seen but most anticipation was probably directed towards those who were making baby Sarah’s acquaintance for the first time πŸ˜‰

A small house tour was given to the sister and besides that, not a whole lot was done that dreary skied, first day but that’s alright because being together was entertainment enoughπŸ˜‹

Jem Moment of the day, (besides having the sister home AND the dad who newly returned from his working away stintπŸ˜‰) Chinese food for supper 😍🍴
Food was brought home from ‘Asian Lee‘, the restaurant boasting of some of the best Chinese/Asian(?) food I’ve ever had and it was eaten with much joy by all.

Mike and I hadn’t had any since last summer and that’s MUCH to long between eating one of ones most enjoyed meals 😬

Having all of the family (except for the bro in law and oldest nieceπŸ˜•) made for a crowed table, loud house and full hearts πŸ˜πŸ’•

Saturday May 27th –

After a cinnamon bun, egg and bacon breakfast made by Bob and Bonnie, we all scattered and worked on our own tasks.

Some child rearing, some yard clearing/lawn mowing, some house reno-ing.

Us girls (all 7 😳) and poor, all alone Spencer, went for a walk in the little, nearby town.
Opting for pavement to push the strollers on, rather than gravel road.

As I took my turn pushing the double child stroller, while jogging, my sister-in-law laughed and said she should take a picture because it wasn’t something she ever would have thought she’d see me doing.
Jogging first of all… but WHILE pushing not only one but THREE kids in a stroller?! 😜

It was an entertaining walk/jog and doing it with a group does make the time go by a whole lot faster.

We stopped at our house in town to see what the guys were up to and then it was home for all to clean up for church the next day and to get supper in our bellies.

Mike said to eat without him as he was still busy with house stuff but then I told him it was steak and this is the message I got 😏

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