National Iced Tea Day🍹

So supposedly, today is National Iced Tea Day!

How fitting as Mom just purchased some
‘Sun-Rype’, Sparkling Tea from Costco 😏🍹


I had gotten used to having the sparkling, Lipton iced tea back in Holland but we’d never found it anywhere else and I’d resigned myself to the fact that I would be iced tea less all summer.

That was a little sad considering the fact that I don’t enjoy pop or many other drinks besides coffee, iced coffee, room temperature coffee, brown water (coffee) and a Clamato, juice or coconut lime refresher now and then😜

But, Mother came home and I popped open a can of the tea she’d found and though certainly different from the Holland one, it’s a fabulous replacement until such a time as I can drink the real stuff!

The Mango Peach flavour is tasty, the sparkling (fizzy) light and the design eye pleasing 😊☀️🍹



So, if you are looking for a summer beverage to try, I recommend this one 😊

I do like homemade tea now and then, the kind you make with real tea, adding sugar and allowing to cool.

What’s your favourite summer drink or iced tea? 😄

Have a happy weekend!

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