Pura Vida 

So I have a little something for you all, in honour of having grown to 500 followers on Instagram and for there being a number of you following along on the blog as well (though really, all of you should be 😉).

A code for 20% off your Pura Vida  orders

Now, unbeknown to me, I had actually seen some of these bracelets during our honey moon in Costa Rica.

Over a year later I can across Pura Vida and their products via Instagram and was curious about the company because I love bracelets and because their name was a term I seen on a lot of things while we were in Costa Rica, meaning ‘pure life’.

Turns out, it’s a company that hires Costa Rican locals, to make bracelets and then they sell them all over the world, all while helping support families.

I got my first bracelet from them a couple of months ago and I love it 😁

It’s waxy finish makes it durable, waterproof and easy to clean and I love how it does up without you having to tie it on every single time.

This isn’t sponsored in any way, just a person who likes a product and bets you will too 😉

In my opinion they are priced very reasonably and could be great little accessories for yourself or perfect extras to throw in when giving a gift 😊

I hope you like them too and feel free to use my code and give it to friends to use too, for whenever you want a percent off.

Which, who doesn’t? 😉😋

Thanks for following along and showing interest in my sometimes, very uninteresting life 😎

As always, I look forward to hearing from YOU.
Whether you’re interested in a specific topic, have questions or want to show me the result of something I suggested which you dared to try 😁💕

Till then, cheers and happy bracelet/ring/accessory shopping 😉

Use the code below 😄💕


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