Plans Unplanned

Wednesday Aug 16th –

Michiel and I headed into town.

He was literally about to drop me off to clean and then he could about his business, when the house I was scheduled to clean, canceled 🙄

I managed to swap it out with another job and still got to go work but it did mess up the day, plans becoming slightly, unplanned 😬

We ordered pizza to take home for a late lunch/early supper, went for a nap and then over to work on getting the last of the sub floor put down in our house.

”Twas then a lazy evening on the couch, new plans made for the next day.

Thursday Aug 17th –


Up and to town once again.

This time my cleaning appointment was kept and Mike was able to go do some more things of his own, while I cleaned.

During that cleaning, I listened to another Focus On The Family Radio Theatre story called, ‘The Hiding Place’.



I highly recommend the listen and it was extra interesting as I have been to the Corrie ten Boom house in person.


I love books on tape/podcasts and the like, especially to listen to while cleaning, so if anyone has any recommendations, please let me know in the comments!!


We then had house supplies to gather, since the bro-in-law was returning later that day and we needed to be as prepared as possible for him to get to work whenever he felt to 😜

The mom, sister and wee ones arrived and I realized quickly, how very quiet the last few days had been 🙈

The bro was then driven over to our place not long after they returned, as he was raring to go get at er, or at least see what he had gotten himself into


We left the boys there to figure out what would hopefully be the last bits of mudding/finishing work before the painting could perhaps begin 😬

Later on, the sis and I walked the 4.75 km from the parents house to ours and then we had to drive back there later on anyways, to deliver a snack of cheese crisps and salsa for the men at work 😜


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