Savoured And Devoured…All At Once 


Sunday Sept 3rd –

We stayed home and listened to a sermon that morning.

Father had to depart back to work that afternoon, so time was spent together.

A breakfast of kodiak pancakes, eggs and fruit filled our bellies and then the bro and his tribe came over to hang out as well.




It was a weekend of much caffeination 




I had a custom order to wrap up so the old thinker was dusted off and it worked on finding a suitable form of packaging.



I admit to being proud of what the thinker came up with 😉💕



The Pops said his ‘see you later’s’ and it would indeed be later, as hubster and I soon leave on a trip to the states.

I had more cement pieces to create and some things to sort out pre-trip and then the mom and I went for a walk.

Mike didn’t want to walk with us, but he did want to do something outside.

 So he and I tossed the baseball around for a while, before he decided to tackle me and I had to try to use my newly gained strength to remove a human who is truly double my size.

I got the bruises to prove it 😜

It was the last night of my two weeks on the eating/workout challenge and though Mike was rudely offering breads and chocolates (🙄) I stuck with it and had an evening snack of a chopped up, yellow pepper and dip.

Which actually was really good 😋

I love making the super easy sour cream and onion soup dip mix for eating with veggies or chips! 👌🏻





Monday Sept 4th – 




The morning I had long-awaited.

(If ‘long’ is two weeks 😜)





I sipped one coffee, poured another and then devoured and tried to savour all at once, a stroopwafel.

I didn’t think I liked them that much but NOT having one with coffee every morning? 


This particular morning? Happy 😎

I was done the challenge and I stuck with it to a T and never before have I actually stuck with anything of the like, so I give a head nod to my self achievement 😉

A change was noticeable and as I go forward, fret not I won’t be eating only kale and boiled eggs from now on, but I DO want to try to cook a little healthier after seeing what can be done if you apply your mindset to it.

Example; pre diet I’d made the family pasta.

The recipe called for 1/2 cup of oil, so I of course used that.

While on the eating plan I made a ‘healthy’ version of the pasta, using only 2 tablespoons of oil and cutting back a bit on the cheese and adding a few more tomatoes and guess what?

It was great.

Same taste, way healthier but it’s to mentally notice and adjust it accordingly.

So, soon you will be seeing posts of what I ate when we were out and where it was and how delicious this, that and the other were and how stuffed I was from so and so…but when we are back at home, I hope to offer, at times, a glimpse of a somewhat healthier Jess 😋

Post exercise, it was house cleaning at home for a change and then I decided to make some bran muffins to have ready for when we travel.

I switched out applesauce for butter, honey and maple syrup for sugar and whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose and they turned out really nicely! 💁🏻 


Recipe here: Bran Muffins Revised

I love a warm bran muffin with cheese 😍


Boring of me perhaps a little but I can’t ONLY love macaroons and lemon meringues 😉

I made supper experimentally as well, using a recipe found on Pinterest for healthy, buffalo chicken spaghetti squash.



It was good!

A bit of spice, bits of deliciously browned cheese and chicken but lots of veggie content!

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