Preparing To Give Thanks

Saturday Oct 7th –



Happy thanksgiving!

Just kidding… that wasn’t until Monday 😏


But our preparations for it began early, so that everything could be made and ready to go, skipping out on so much work and undue effort come the actual day of πŸ’πŸ»

I admit to not doing much 😬

What kind of daughter would I be if I cooked a turkey and made stuffing… when my Mom is there to do it?? I couldn’t deny her that! πŸ˜‰

I did make a lemon cheesecake tart and it turned out to be a lot more cheesecake then I’d thought it would be, but the bits of lemon curd that escaped the bowl had me excitedly awaiting the tasting come Monday πŸ˜¬πŸ‹



Other Saturday goings ons filled the day, until it was time for Mike and I to leave and drive out to have supper with some friends ☺️



We were warmly welcomed and sat down to a delicious meal of Caesar salad, seasoned green beans, garlic bread and pasta with a hearty meatball sauce 🍝πŸ₯–πŸ₯—

The evening commenced into visiting and since we are now aging adults, we left in a timely manner, so the required sleep pre next morning church, was gotten πŸ˜‹




Sunday Oct 8th –




A visiting missionary from Ghana Africa, spoke for that mornings service.

I can’t imagine traveling all over and so far away from home, to speak among almost total strangers and to trust the Lord so fully about where you would be going and how it would be perfectly worked out.

Also, having to PREACH, in a language other than your own.

He commented how he got to spend some time in a combine with someone, doing the same thing with a huge machine, that they do by hand back home.

Saying how we have so very much here, that we hardly even think about NEEDING God, when back home, their daily lives are so hard, God is the obvious one to turn to, for everything.

A good thing to think always, but especially so near to the day we consider ‘Thanksgiving’.


The whole family went out for lunch to Boston pizza and Mike and I shared an appetizer tray, kind of in honour of our anniversary the next day 😜



Then home we went, preparations for the next days guests began and thus, our late afternoon was spent.





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