One And A Half Treasures

Friday Oct 20th –

Mother and I went over to MY place and worked on getting the trim upstairs all patched, sanded and repainted, which took up a good chunk of the morning.

Once we finished up there, we headed over to the sisters to enjoy a delicious, beef barley soup for lunch, before we all headed back to Moms, to rake leaves πŸ˜πŸƒπŸπŸ‚

The strong winds the previous day had actually blown many away but they have one massive tree, along with many other, smaller but still leafy trees, so there was an abundance to be raked up and hauled away none the less 😬

8 truck boxes to be precise… and that wasn’t even all of them 😜


Unfortunately no, that is not Mike and my’s truck πŸ’”πŸ˜œ


I skipped out on the last bit of yard work to get things ready for supper and watch the littlest human.

If I’d rather watch a kid, you can tell how high on my enjoyment list, raking is 😏😜



Saturday Oct 21st –

After sleeping in, you guessed it, Mike and I went to work at our house 😏

More trim was put up, more holes filled and paint applied.



Mini look into the house because I can’t NOT show you anything πŸ˜‰


Many a little job was done that felt very pointless, yet had to be done before we move in and somehow, the whole day was spent there, until we hit at a point of having nothing more to do.

Until Michiel has some assistance from someone that isn’t 5’3 and has no carpentry knowledge 😜




Sunday Oct 22nd –



Faith; Complete trust or confidence. A strong belief. Trust.

As you probably guessed by that opening, Faith was was the focus of that mornings service πŸ˜‰



Post church, we went out for lunch with some friends and there went our afternoonπŸ’πŸ»

A few groceries also had to be gotten rather sneakily, for a slightly ‘surprise’ meal that was going to be made for Mike the next day.


The evenings are getting shorter and shorter here and it was dark out by 5:30 pretty much, meaning it feels like bedtime, but it can’t be, so we used antiquing as entertainment to fill the longer, darker hours.



Mike and Mom play pickle ball with a man who owns an antique shop, fairly close to where we live and he had said to stop by.

I found two treasures! Well, one and a half 😏

Firstly, a candy machine which I fully intend to make good use of and secondly a plant spritzer!


Which I totally have been wanting/needing buuuut turns out it leaks, so it will strictly be a decor piece but I can be ok with that πŸ˜‰πŸ’•πŸ‘ŒπŸ»


I promise I haven’t forgotten about the giveaway! Just ironing out a few minor details, so stay tuned ☺️

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