Made In Canada

Monday Oct 23rd –

It was the husbands first day on the new job 😎

After interviews and paperwork, his trial of working for Kraft had begun.


I went to our house and got the almost completely finished upstairs, cleaned out, so that some unpacking could slowly begin.

It felt SO good to have even a small space of the house clean enough to walk around in with no shoes on and your hands not feeling grimy 😜👌🏻


I had arranged a special meal for Mike that night, in honour of his job and all the work on the house which he has done so far.

A Canadian replication of a Dutch meal.


I had made ‘nasi balls’ the week before and froze them in preparation for that day.

The outcome wasn’t bad but not as close as I would have liked for the amount of work they were to create either 😜

Applesauce, mayo and curry ketchup were the dipping sauces put out along side fries Dad had picked up in town.

We re deep-fried them, to try to get that extra outer crunch that is needed when consuming fries… it worked😏

Chicken fingers and Caesar salad were also prepared in case there were those who wouldn’t be satisfied with just nasi balls and fries 😉


But that wasn’t all, Dad had also picked up soft serve ice cream, which I then served in cones with ‘disco dip’ sprinkles for dessert.



They were spot on to how the Dutch snack bar ice cream tastes, so I was thrilled about that 😉

All in all, for being a ‘fake’ Dutch meal, it was a pretty good mimicry if I do say so myself 😉


Mike was pleased.

Tuesday Oct 24th –

A morning like most.



Catching up on the writing I was getting behind on, laundry, more house things packed away, more house things looked at online, supper preparations etc.

Leftover ham had been turned into chowder and was served with cheese bread ☺️



Why don’t men like soup more?!

On a dull, fall day, when warmth and comfort food is the obvious answer, why is soup still just ‘tolerated’?

That’s how it is with my dude at least 🤷🏻‍♀️🙄

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