‘Hāpuna’ Matata

Thursday Nov 16th –

We were getting tired of the dreary weather this side of the island, so that morning we decided it would be worth the two-hour drive across to the Kona side to get some sunshine, beach and ocean 💕🌊☀️

Dad hadn’t been feeling top-notch, so he decided to stay back and Mike thought the drive would be too long for the amount of enjoyment it would bring, so he too stayed back 💁🏻

The two hours did begin to feel a little lengthy but after we got to the sunshine and settled in to our corner at the beach? It was wondrous.


+28 degrees, a pleasant breeze, warm aqua waters and nice sand, made for the perfect place to spend the afternoon.


The beach we went to was called ‘Hāpuna beach’ because of the little springs that bubble up from under the sand, Hāpuna meaning, ‘spring or pool’.

The odd thing is if you stick your hand down into the sand where you see the bubbles, you’re liable to come up with a handful of shell and coral bits 😏

A technique Mom and Pro had learnt from some locals when they had been at the beach before Mike and I had arrived in Hawaii 😎

Good thing they learnt it because never would I be like, ‘hmm… bubbling sand, maybe I should just sacrifice my hand to the unknown below?’ 😜

Shells were not plentiful so it took almost the entire time there and pretty much constant searching with the occasional snack break, to bring back the little wee bit of treasure that I did 😳

Which technically, is probably only a good thing😉


We packed up, rinsed off and began the drive back, going a different route for some new scenery… and Starbucks 😜

Starbucks had way too many people in line and no drive through, so that plan was skipped and on we drove, deciding to go to ‘Tex Drive In’ instead.

One of the best places to buy ‘malasadas’, a square, donut like pastry with different filling options.

Those filled the empty places in our stomachs that being outside and by the ocean, had created 😋

We drove through what was more the ranch and forest area of the island during our trip back to Pahoa.

Straight, tall trees on each side of the road created some lush tunnel like stretches and then marshy looking hills with cattle and goats expanded over others.

High bridges that had ocean on the left and palm tree covered hills and water falls on the right, were driven over and it was nice to see all of the variety 😊


The guys had a steak, shrimp and potato supper awaiting us 🍴🍤





Friday Nov 17th –

Pool day  😁☀️🌺⛱

While waiting for the sunshine to come out in full force, we filled ourselves with pancakes covered in coconut syrup and a side of mangos and bananas.



From there it was a scattering of bodies poolside and deck and a light back and forth traffic through the house for snacks, drinks and moments of sun reprieve.

Dad had been sick for a couple of days and mainly laid low and then Mike too was hit by the bug😬

Bathroom trips being his main pastime for the day.

The sister and I opened our hibiscus gingerade juice, which we had purchased at the Hilo market and it was more gingery than expected but I still really liked it.


(New arm candy from ‘Artsy Fartz’ a vendor that had been at the Uncle Roberts Market)

I’m not usually a huge ginger lover but when in warm climates, I seem to be pulled to it  💁🏻


Lay in the sun, ease into the cool pool, ease into the hot tub as it singed the sunburned bits, back into the sun, back inside, back outside and so on and so forth ☀️🍔🍹🏊🏼‍♀️⛱




Mom and Pro had booked a lava walking tour to go on that afternoon/evening so it was up to Dad and I to watch the little two.

I asked if Kraft Dinner would be an acceptable meal choice and my American niece answered, ‘what is that? Me don’t know what that is?’…making the cultural differences between us momentarily, but strongly apparent 😉😜

Mike was bed bound and food wasn’t of interest to him, so Dad and I ate some grilled chicken.

Dad concocting a homemade honey mustard sauce for his, which wasn’t too shabby 😏👌🏻


The mother and sister returned around 8:30 pm , exclaiming over the sights they had just witnessed 🌋

They enjoyed it more than expected, giving it ‘glowing’ reviews 😉

Check out @Diamondandwillow on instagram to see some of their lava photos 😉


But, SOMEONE had to stay and watch the children 💁🏻🙄😜


I’m merely jesting, we didn’t know if we wanted to spend the time/money on that, so we were fine with child watching and now we know 😉

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