Click And Collect

Tuesday Nov 28th –

Pie number two began its transformation from ingredients to a plate-able experience.

Peanut butter filling with a chocolate crumb crust 🥜🍫🥧


Amidst the making of that, I shopped some of the remaining sales available online, still searching for a reasonably priced/correct size bench for our entryway.
To no avail.

Hubster was working at our place, filling some spaces with spray foam, finishing some edges and getting a few of the last boards in place on ledges and what not.
SOON a house update shall come 🤞🏻

I packed up more of our room, moving things closer to the door so stuff can be taken over each time someone goes.
I’ll need to re go through all the boxes while unpacking and get rid of, as people just moving into a house shouldn’t already have so many items pretty sure 😬

I may also have glanced online as to what kittens were available in our area 🙈
If you’re in the area and know if any white/grey/Siamese look, female kittens, please let me know 😉💕


The peanut butter pie was finished up that afternoon and I rather like how it turned out presentation wise 😊


Chilli and cornbread were made for supper and I enjoyed it, the hearty dish warming and winter suitable.


Mike told me later, as not to offend the mother-in-law, that he didn’t like eating things that seemed like they’d already been chewed up 😂 Sorry Mike, she knows now 😉😜



Wednesday Nov 29th –

The husband was sick in bed the entire day and believe it or not he actually ISN’T one of those men who totally break down at even a hinting of a sniffle.
So for him to stay completely abed, meant something was most certainly amiss.

He got the odd visit, my taking him more meds to gag down and soup he would not eat😜


We were running low on groceries, so I couldn’t test anymore pies unless some things were purchased, but there was no desire to go to town to restock 😬
The alternative?
‘Click and collect’ from the grocery store 😎
I did my first ever online grocery shopping and let me tell you, I have found the only way to get groceries 😍
Super easy, sales still show up, you don’t get distracted by items you DON’T need, you don’t interact with humans, you can edit your cart post payment… what’s NOT to love???

It was the highlight of our (my) night 😉

2 thoughts on “Click And Collect

  1. Hmmm… I have yet to try the whole “click and collect” concept of grocery shopping. It looks fairly simple and oh so fun to have a “personal shopper” do the grocery getting 😏😎

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