DIY Zen Garden

DIY Zen Garden

 – For the idle handed fidgeters in your life –


So, my husband always has to be fiddling with something…anything 🙄

He is also always getting in trouble for it 😏

Whether playing with the sugar dish, pulling plant leaves, rattling a glass… you get the idea and it gets even worse when he is on the phone 😏

So, to remedy that, I decided to try to make him a cactus sand/zen garden, that is especially made for him and him alone.

Something he can play with as much as he wants, without getting in trouble for it 😜



So, to begin with, get yourself a cactus, or three 😜

I got mine from Dutch Growers.
Actually Hubster picked it out when he was in the city but he didn’t know it was for himself 😋

Secondly, I went and found a dish from the dollar store to replant them in.


I went for a longer shape because eventually I hope the garden will grace his desk and keep him busy during phone calls, so he doesn’t disrupt the rest of the house 😜

Next, I cut down the container the cacti came in.


It needs to be deep enough to hold dirt for the cacti but short enough that sand can still cover the top of it and not overflow the dish.


I also put some rocks in the bottom of the container to help with drainage and keeping it in place.

Using sand I had from a trip, I filled the rest of the dish.



I’m pretty sure you could find sand from a myriad of different places though, the dollar store, Michael’s, your local sandbox 💁🏻

Had this been for myself, I would have opted for multi color pink and aqua colored sand probably 😉


Add in a little rake and or shovel and that’s all!

My mom already happened to have a rake and shovel that I could use but I suggest Michael’s, the dollar store or a flower shop to search some out for yourself ☺️
Or your mother, if she’s a Mary Poppins bag like mine 😜

Let your body relaxing, mind centring, fidgeter busying begin 🙇🏻‍♀️🌵🥄☯️

If you make one I would love to see it, tag @Jemstory on instagram!

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