Sincerely And Satisfactorily

Saturday Dec 2nd –

Sick of hearing about pies yet? 😏
Well… plug your eyes and read no more 😎


Apple pie… the one I really was not looking forward to making at all, as I wouldn’t enjoy the ‘fruits’ of my labour 😜

Still it had to be done and I knew Michiel and Dad would appreciate it so that helped… kind of😏

Mom made pizzas for us all for lunch and then Mike and I retreated to the house.

I painted the last of the trim pieces and he worked on putting them up and then we went to the bro’s for supper.

Poutine with shredded BBQ pork filled our bellies and it was a tasty change from the usual meals ☺️🍴



Sunday Dec 3rd –


We all seemed to be slow getting out the door that morning for some reason or another but get out we did.
Mike was still fighting whatever illness he had contracted 🙄
The rest of us were still hoping we too wouldn’t get it 😷

Church was about sincerity.

Sincerity means to be totally true, genuine, real.

Being sincere would mean people see us, for what we truly are.

Does that mean they see Christ in our actions and characteristics? It should.

Too many times people try to fit their religion into their lives. Working church and time for God, into their busy schedules when it’s most convenient.

When really we should be focusing on those things first and shaping our lives around our sincere desire to serve God better and to be more like Him.


After service, we went to a friend’s house who was having some folks over for the afternoon.
Burritos and enchiladas filled our bellies and little, scrumptious cheesecakes satisfied the sweet spot 😉

The nap spot was also satisfied, as she is a superb hostess and offers not only food, but beds! 😆👌🏻

As we drove home, Dad had to make a detour to light the machines they work with, so they would start for the next mornings work, after the cold night was endured.
So I got to see where they were working and probably won’t be on the premises again 😋
I’ll leave visiting the bush to my nephew, who at age two, knows all the machines names and what it is that they do.
I can’t even say that I’d be 100% certain answering those questions if asked them 😬

 (‘The bush’… supposedly that’s a pretty Saskatchewan/Canadian thing to say when referring to a forested/treed area?
Is it a weird saying for whomever you are, from wherever you dwell? 😋)

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