Nonsensicality’s And Merriment

Sunday Dec 24th –


We didn’t have eggs so Mike got out of breakfast duty and I just made us some yogurt bowls.


‘‘Twas a fresh day indeed, -30 ish being the biting cold temperature that we faced during the four steps to the parents truck that morning 😜

I ashamedly admit to being fairly tired during that morning service and because of that, I have no educational tid bits to share


After church, we were invited over to lunch at Mom and Dads.
She said it was potluck but only AFTER I arrived, so she supplied the entire, super tasty meal 😉

Beef roast done medium rare, baked garlic and cheese mash potato mounds, butter horns, gravy, corn and Yorkshire pudding 🤤👌🏻

I personally, could make an entire meal out of the Yorkshire pudding and gravy 💕


After lunch, we lounged in the living room a while until it was decided that we should try a game of Balderdash 😏


It was entertaining to say the least 😜
Trying to hard to decipher the strategies any were using, if at all.
I started off in the lead but by the end good ol’Bob was the one to take home the trophy 🤷🏻‍♀️

Accept he was at his home and there was no trophy 😏


Dec 25th –



Christmas morning dawned like most others, the only real difference being the holiday tunes that were playing and the couple of gifts upon our dresser 😜

Neither Mikes nor my family is big into the holiday so it’s a pretty chill* (hah*) time of the year for us ☺️


A new brew was tried out to begin our day (not something we do lightly 😉 as our one friend has been roasting his own coffee beans and we had to try them out for ourselves.


As much as I love my coffee, I can’t actually tell you specifics. For instance, is it a more floral undertone, acidic or chocolatey flavour? Is is bold and rich, or light?

I know those words but not really how to detect them in taste?

So, as a coffee critic without much ability to criticize, I, and also Mike, enjoyed the medium/dark roast a fair bit and I will venture to say I truly think I detected a chocolate flavour and look forward to trying more 🙂

Check him out here – Coffee Snobs Roastery !


We set up the self timer and tried to get some ‘family’ shots of us and the kittens and it went fairly well, considering there was kittens and phone balancing involved 😉



The rest of my day was spent making an apple pie for my sister-in-law and dessert to take with us to that night’s dinner at a friend’s home.
Raspberry torte was decided upon as it’s a fairly simple/fairly light dessert, as I figured the meal would be pretty rambunctious 😉

Find the recipe here – Raspberry Torte

We and the parents began the drive late that afternoon and made it for the 5:00 o’clock supper.

Filling our plates with a delicious abundance.
Turkey, stuffing, potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, a herb filled bread, salad and one or two other sides or dip like dishes 😳👌🏻🍴

After that wonderful and discomforting event, we relocated, mostly trying to ease some of the self inflicted pain until suddenly, some figures walked past who weren’t supposed to be there??

My sister and her family showed up as a surprise to us and surprising it was indeed!! 🤩
Our hosts had obviously been in on the little secret and it made it all the merrier of an evening 😉

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