Welcome To Winnipeg

Wednesday Jan 10th

After a late night of packing and cleaning the house (because that’s what you do before traveling) I awoke at 5:30 am and we left for the airport.

Mom and I took the 1.5 hour flight to Winnipeg in order to meet up with her sisters for a girls trip ☺️

Our first stop was one I’d been dreaming of… going to Jenna Rae Cakes.
I’d been following them on Instagram for a couple of years, drooling over the pictures and awaiting the day I’d be able to test the sweet treats and hoping beyond, that they’d be as good as I’d made them up to be in my head 😉

Jenna Rae Cakes

The storefront was perfect 👌🏻

The box of treats quickly filled 😏

We waited on the taste testing because we needed real food, which we found at ‘Saucers’ right next door.
Mom and I shared a super tasty gnocchi dish with chorizo sausage and tomatoes.

I’ve never had gnocchi that was that light and fluffy before, not even in Italy 😂

Saucers Cafe

Onward we traversed, having time to kill until we could check in at the house Mom had found for us to stay on Airbnb.
The weather was not looking pleasant for our stint to the city and the few steps between car to store, were at least three too many 😜

We met the other two aunts/sisters and got to work exploring the super nice, new, modern house that we’d call home for the next four days.


Tre visti was the chosen place for dinner and we were all very pleased with our assortment of Italian dishes 👌🏻🍴

Tre Visi Cafe

After we stuffed ourselves to a pleasant point, or maybe a little beyond, we went to Next Level Escapes  to immerse ourselves in a western bank robbery/cash recovery 😉💰

We got out of the room with 2 and a half minutes to spare! ⏳
Some of us hadn’t been overly thrilled about the group activity but once we were done, all had enjoyed it and it’s a recommendation for sure 😄👍🏻

After that, it was directly to the house and bed, knowing we would be having a full trip ahead 😉

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