Meandering Our Way Through Manitoba


Friday, Jan. 12th

(Winnipeg day #3 recap)

My breakfast? A birthday cake flavoured macaroon of course 💁🏻‍♀️💕🎂


We’d left our place and drove towards Steinbach for a few, further out stops on the ‘to do’ lists of my one aunt.
We had four days and five people’s wishes to fit in, so we tried our best to accommodate 😜😬

Firstly we stopped at Bothwell Cheese to see what sorts of delicious cow by products they’d churned up.
I got a peach flavoured sparkling water (a non cow product, obviously) for the road and a chilli pepper cheese for at home 🙂

Prairie Pickers Cafe was next on the map and we enjoyed looking around at the assortment of antique and second hand trinkets and goodies ☺️

I loved the collection of old doors and my suitcases confines were made even more evident😜

I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of story this door would tell, the layers of old, chipped paint hinting of a lively past.

We then went to Prairie Oils And Vinegars.
As the name states, there were many oils and vinegars to be tested, all of different and delicious flavours and combinations.
I left with a mint oil and a Tuscan herb oil ☺️
I’m excited to try adding the mint to drinks, as mint leaves aren’t always the simplest to come by and blend up well enough for drinks.


Next door to that store was The Old Church Bakery.

I was expecting just some breads, desserts, pastries etc.
I was NOT expecting Döner kebab inside as well!
A tasty meat/pita like lunch that I hadn’t had since leaving Europe last spring.
I hopefully ordered, expectations high and after the first bite, met 🤤👌🏻

It was just as I remembered and if you happen to be in the area of Steinbach Manitoba, I suggest trying  Iggy’s Family Döner for lunch, dinner or whatever excuse you can think of.
Order the döner kebab without onions and get feta cheese in their place 😉👌🏻

We popped in a few more stores in the area before beginning the hour long drive to get to Pine Ridge Hollow.

A store/restaurant located in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere, which held a variety of classy furniture, lighting and accessories.
All a little high-end and/or too large for any of us to actually take with, but pleasing to the eye none the less 😜

We settled in for supper at the restaurant there.

I had a winter borscht soup and everyone enjoyed their meals, though the soup was a bit too salty for me and that says a lot as I usually add a good amount of that seasoning 😏
I’d ordered soup so that I would have room for a dessert on the menu that had caught my eye, frozen lemon meringue torte.

It was much larger than expected 😳

The lemony sauce drizzled over top was delicious, smooth and tangy, boasting of a strong lemon flavour, just how I like but the frozen meringue part itself, was more like frozen cool whip in my opinion 😬

We left full and tired and more than ready to call it a day after being out since 10 that morning and not returning until 8 that evening…

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