A Multitude Of Jem Moments

I was sick in bed with a bad head cold but I was also needed to stay with the nieces for a few hours back when they were visiting.
My older niece was told not to bug Aunty unless she had to and snacks and a movie were set up for her occupancy 😏

I woke up many hours later to find out not only had she let me sleep but she’d also watched her little sister after her nap ended, changed her diaper, put her on the potty, gotten her snacks and yogurt AND checked on me a few times!

She probably did a better job of babysitting than I would have and she was just a little darling 😉💕


My husband returned from his trip home to Holland on the 16th and I happily took him back ☺️
It was nice to have him home… and the gifts he brought with him 😉😜

Gouda cheese and salami.

A good lip balm. Soft pjs. A soft blanket I bought in Gran Canaria and forgot to pack when we moved.
Chocolate bars and a mix for tomato mozzarella sauce.

The important things in life, you know? 😉

He also made a special trip just before flying, a stop at Tout Patisserie to get me a lemon meringue tart🍋

They told him it shouldn’t be out of the fridge that long but he told them he would be much safer to take it and have it go bad, than to leave it 😂💕

It didn’t look as pretty as usual but the taste was more splendid than I remembered 🤤

And lastly, it’s National Compliment Day! Give some, get some 😉

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