Bathroom Reveal – From Big And Brown To Spa-esque Space


Room reveal number two!

A once large bathroom with very un-wise spacial usage, bad everything, an off centred toilet and oddly small mirror and vanity, transformation awaits you.


As some of you may recall, when we began reno’s in our house, one of the first things done, was shrinking the bathroom.

At one point it had been a bedroom and then the previous owners converted it into an obnoxiously sized bathroom with a little wee vanity 😜


We wanted more living room space than commode space, so it was downsized a couple of feet and still left a decent size.


Mike centred the toilet for me, as it had previously been to far right under the window, which bothered me a fair bit 😜




We took out the tub and replaced it with a shower. A small one 😜
The cost of showers was more than we anticipated and it was at the beginning of reno’s so we thought the smaller size would work and it does but for future, a tad larger one wouldn’t be disliked😏

Because we shrunk the shower, we gained space for a built-in shelf ☺

The shower curtain, was created using the fabric we’d had as a table cloth at our wedding 😆👌🏻
Mom cut it down and made the holes to hang it for us and I actually don’t think I could have found one to buy that I’d have liked more 💁🏻‍♀️

The vanity.
We wanted one that would fit the space as tightly as possible.
That would have meant getting a ‘custom’ vanity, as the size we wanted, typically comes with two sinks and we only wanted one.
‘Custom’ jacks up the price stupidly, so we waited and it’s a good thing because Michiel found one on kijiji that was the perfect size!

I repainted it a fun ‘tropically named color’ and installed new handles on it.

We still didn’t know what to do about the top, so we googled, Pinterested, brained hard and then came across a remedy on Instagram.
Using cement leveller!

Mixing up a fairly thin batch of the leveller and dawning rubber gloves (the thin, white kind, that instantly make you feel either genius, or like you could commit a crime…which in turn could take genius? 🤔) we hand spread a layer right smack dab on top of the vanity top and let it dry.

Mike sanded it very lightly and then applied another layer, using a small foam paint roller to smooth out the surface a bit more and once it was good and dry.
Likes weeks dry.
I poured on the cement sealer, which I already had because of making my little cement decor pieces.

So technically this DIY cost us a bag of cement leveller and that’s pretty much it.


We were super happy with the outcome, cost aside and are looking forward to seeing how it continues to hold up, so far, so good!

For now, we hung a mirror that was already at the house when we bought it.



I made a DIY air plant display using some drift wood, white thread and hot glue.


This sounds simple.

It should have been 😬🙈


It was late when I decided to finish and hang it up and I had a brain malfunction while doing so.
Keep in mind I was doing this when Mike was working away from home, as a little ‘look what I did’ while you were away… maybe it had to fail because I was being too proud 😜😂

The drift wood is nature’s work, so not perfect obviously and it wouldn’t hang very sturdily because of it’s crookedness.
So I was like hey, what if I hang it AND spread hot glue on the back to add some grip?!

Because that’s dumb Jess.
So I tried and as soon as I did it, I realized my error.
It pealed the paint/drywall and I felt awful.
Mike worked so hard to make the house new and nice and then it’s usually my ‘try’s’ that make something not so nice 🙈
I’ll be honest, I hung the stick anyways and tried to hide it from him until I could try to fix it 😂

He found it 😜
He handled it very nicely and it made my self loathing lessen 😉

(The next week I patched, sanded, re-primed and re-painted, making it pretty much as good as new, just so you know 😉)




We originally went with brushed nickel for fixtures in there, A, because we were thinking of eventual (far away😜) resale and B, as it was the first home reno, we never even thought of going onto Amazon to find affordable gold fixtures.

Now we know  😏




(Mikes personal touch in the bathroom, a fan on a timer.
Not what I would have deemed necessary, yet it pleased him 😜)


The finishing touches were done, this morning actually… but now the bathroom is another fully completed area to be struck off the list and we are really happy with the bright, still spacious, spa-esque primping space ☺



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