The Pain Of Blessings

The Pain Of Blessings


How annoying it is, to open the fridge and have to make a meal.
To prepare it all.
Give the dinner call and then still have to wash and dry.

Picking paint can be such a bore.
Should it be darker, just a little more?
Pick your color, buy the supplies.
Do the job and rub your eyes.
Self inflicted tired back,
but complain about like a worn track.

He’s home from work, meaning muddy floors.
Dust and grime on the doors.
Shake you’re head and furrow your brow.
Then take a deep sigh and mutter ‘wow’.

A second-hand couch to sit upon.
It does the trick but not for long.
You’ll buy newer, better and soon.
You wouldn’t want to look like a sloppy goon.

I can’t afford to buy that ring.
It’s so unfair, a girl needs bling.

You’ve had that sweater for a year.
You can’t wear it again when ‘so and so’s ‘ near.
They’ve seen you wear it multiple times.
You can almost feel the judgy thoughts in their minds.

This dumb vehicle hasn’t got heated seats or steering wheel,
and yes, where I am from, that’s kind of a big deal.

Vacation wasn’t as nice as planned.
Too little sun, not enough sand…

On and on the list could go.
Every ‘blessing’ turned to woe.
The ‘bad’ that’s good, in disguise.
Depending how we look through our eyes ..


I have food.
I have a house.. on top of that, I can even splurge on decorating it.
I have a husband who safely returned home.
I have multiple pieces of furniture, new or in good condition.
How often do I get disappointed over things I WANT but do not NEED?
I have clothing, not only enough to stay warm but also more than enough to rotate outfits.
We have a reliable vehicle.
We could afford to go on a vacation

As said, the list of little things and big, could grow and grow.

I personally know how easily I see the ‘bad’ in the good, often times much quicker than I see the ‘good’, in the seemingly bad.

I want that to change that.





(Also, I have never shared any poem like pieces before, so I hope you read with toleration 😉

5 thoughts on “The Pain Of Blessings

  1. How brave to share something as personal as a poem 🙂 I think it’s very true, very good and very confronting😉 Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

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