The First Thing You See – An Entryway Makeover

Of our entire houses layout, the entryway is the place I liked least, as the door opens directly to the top of the basement stairs.

At least there is space to both sides and it’s not a door that goes directly into the kitchen… it’s not SO bad 😉

This is how it looked upon purchase.

The large closet area is also beneficial, if not placed a little far back 😜

Apart from the obvious trim, paint and flooring, the front door and side window were also changed.


We wanted a door that allowed some light to come through but still keep the privacy, so this was the chosen specimen.
My eyes literally only come JUST above the lowest window pane on the door so it is still very private, for me 😜

Mike found our window at the re-store in Regina actually (during a completely unrelated trip, so no he didn’t drive there just for a window😜) getting it for a fraction of the price it would have cost us nearby 👌🏻


The end results…

Our little ‘shoe putting on bench’ was found at Winners… I love the simple yet classy look of it ☺️


Right now, the large piece of art hanging in the stairwell is a piece my mother made for me years ago and I love how it fills the space.

Though lately, I’ve noticed a slight itch to paint a brighter/more tropical inspired piece for there, or tone down the blacks in this current piece.

We will see… there is cream for itches 😂

We have searched and searched for a set of doors to close off the closet but it’s an irregular size and so that has proven difficult.
Thus, I decided to just curtain it off and at least have some covered storage for coats/vacuum/water etc. and then if we happen upon some doors it’s good but if not, there’s no rush.


I found what’s actually a shower curtain, at where else but Home Sense 😏👌🏻
Because of the odd size, the linen-like shower curtain was a near perfect fit and I’ve since been able to make use of the hidden space behind 😉

Gold curtain hooks were purchased off Amazon.

Our light was purchased from the wholesale store located across from Costco in Saskatoon and I couldn’t be happier with it ☺️


Better late than never, this is to be the last area of the main level that’s been finished up and now finally, revealed… don’t let the door hit you on your way out 😜


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