The Mac Makeover

Come the time to renew my blogs payment, I hesitated.

Was it worth it? I wasn’t writing much anymore and I didn’t feel inspired to begin a new genre of… anything.
Then I talked myself into it and you know something must mean a bit to me, if I’m willing to spend a bigger then average sum of money on it 😉

Weeks later, an opportunity arose which in future times, would give an over abundance of material which would be worth writing down!

The time has come to announce the next ‘project’ of Mike and Jess.

Prepare yourself for many before and afters, as we undertake what hopefully becomes, a house flip!

No, not our current 😉

While I was away in Arizona and Mike was away in Holland, we got news of a house right near ours, that was going up for sale.
It immediately piqued our interest and so began the list of tasks that are required when wanting to purchase a home.
Prayer, bank visits, plans planned and replanned, lawyers contacted, house actually LOOKED at and then the appropriate actions taken to move forward with purchasing it.

All this while Michiel’s parents were with us for a quick visit 🙈
Which was fun for them, because now they’ve had the chance to see the ‘before’ of one of their sons projects ☺️👍🏻

‘The Mac Makeover’ will now be much of what you hear about from my end of things, so if you don’t like the woes and victories of a house makeover, before and after photos and how cheaply or expensively we purchased things, plug your eyes and block your ears for the unforeseeable future 😏👍🏻

For those of you who are going to stick around, here’s the first sneak peek 😉

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