New Year, New Fun Facts About Jess

✨New year, new me 💁🏻‍♀️ kidding, I don’t evolve that quickly 🤪 but it has been awhile since I’ve introduced myself, so a few tid bits about me…

I generally never dress up, haven’t curled my hair in two years and I never pose for photos of myself…& I rarely venture outdoors during winter, so this photo is pretty much entirely a lie, good way to kick this off 😏

As for a truth about me. My face says, what my words do not 🤓 Meaning I may not always put words to my feelings but you’ll be aware of them none the less. Also meaning I’d make a terrible spy…because lack of muscle coordination & worldly intelligence don’t play any roll in being a spy either🤪

My husband calls me poopie. I don’t know why, I don’t think he will ever stop & it does make for interesting faces & comments when other people hear it 💩

I neither speak, nor spell, grammatically correct. This may cause aggravation for some but I can’t help that the English language doesn’t suit my purposes all the time 🤪

I prefer to LOVE a thing before I buy it or at least to have a deeply real NEED for it. Some call this cheap, some call it savvy, I prefer the term ‘financially conscious home account manager’. Example, I just bought my first cheese grader after three years of marriage.
It was a big decision 🤪

Creating is something I thoroughly enjoy, when the mood strikes. Be it on paper, lifestyle products, in the kitchen or through home decor. But the inspirations gotta be allowed to do its thing, on its own sweet time or I feel pressured & empty of ideas🤪

I’m a firm believer that mornings were made for two things & two things only, coffee & silence ☕️🤫

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