A Desk Do Over

A ‘do it yourself’ that I supposedly didn’t really ‘do much to’ myself, according to Mike 🤪
But none the less, I wanted to take you through the process of my finally getting a desk for my craft room!

We found this table at the Mac house and I was immediately taken with it 😍
I love the unique legs and the fact that I can use the table as one larger square table or as two smaller ones.

I started off by sanding it down and washing them.
Or trying to wash them.
I started with Mr. Clean and a sponge and that took off the first layer of grime, as well as released an odd oder 🤪


I will pause here to say that I think it is better for peace of mind to buy and redo items, when you don’t actually have to see where they originated from😜 Typically I imagine where a piece has been and what its been used for but in this case all I could picture was some big slabs of meat thrown down and sliced up with a butchers knife, wielded by a man with a large belly, chewing on a toothpick and wearing a canvas style apron who then walks away from the table, leaving it for cats and strays to roam around and clean up. Yes, my imagination has a mind of its own 😜

So moving on, in order to remove the smell and induce a stronger feeling of contentedness while using the desk in the future, I resolved to scrub them with TSP cleaner

You can see that the top half of the table is obviously the one I hadn’t rinsed off yet and the bottom is post TSP and rinsing.

I went at them with a tooth brush and then began the stupidly repetitive procedure of rinsing OFF the TSP 😏
It took a ton of refreshing the water bucket but finally they came clean.

If you have a stubbornly dirty item, I strongly* suggest TSP 😜… get it?* 😏

Though I was now confident that they were thoroughly cleansed, I wasn’t happy with their ‘dirty’ colouring.

So, I watered down some white paint and gently applied a liiiight layer over the entire pieces and it was the perfect ‘freshening’ without taking away their chippy charm.

In my opinion ☺️

So, one half was moved up to my craft room and the other stayed in the basement.

That may or may not be a semi permanent placement but for now I’m happy with it 😊👍🏻


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