Our Couple Resume: Task Oriented & Driven

As not all days are action backed during our stint in Holland (not that all the South Africa days were either but whatever 🤪) I’ll be mixing it up and doing more than two days at a time, or possibly even skipping days, just so your mind calendar isn’t confused 😉

April 23rd –

A fairly benign day as it were… weather was mixed sun and cloud, Mike painted window trim and roof peaks, I folded and sorted our suitcases entireties so that our room would hopefully stay somewhat organized during our stay. I also worked on the blog and began sorting through South Africa photos.
Determined not to end this vacation with a gazillion pointless pictures clogging my phone space 🤪

We enjoyed a four cheese pizza, topped with fresh arugula, walnuts and balsamic sauce for supper.

It was very tasty and I hope to attempt its replication once at home again ☺️

Oma and Opa popped over to say hello and have a little visit and that’s the full recap of our first day 💁🏻‍♀️

April 24th –

It was a cloudy morning but once it cleared up, it was a hot +26 day out!

Between letting coats of paint dry, Mich and I headed into Doesburg to look around.

And because it was Wednesday and Wednesday, is loempia day 🤓👌🏻

The first food item to be checked off of the ‘to eat’ list 😉

The Wednesday market was going on so we walked around the few trucks, buying some fresh mint and Mike choosing some pesto cheese.

How something that grouped together smells so displeasing yet tastes so lovely is still a mystery to me 🤪

The fish store was then entered and some ‘Victoria baars filet’ bought for supper, as I was in charge of preparing that nights meal since the mother in law was working and fish seemed like an easy thing to assemble when one isn’t in one’s own kitchen 🤪

More substance was required as loempias are small 😉, so we went to ‘the snack bar’, the Dutchest place to get food of them all and still as visually unappealing as ever 🤪Yet we still missed it and proceeded to order nasi ballen for me and of course a frikandel for Mich 🤪

Ice cream with disco dip served as an appetizer since we were taking the snacks back to the house to eat 😉🍦👌🏻

We enjoyed our long-awaited snacks in the sunshine, washing them down with the fizzy, Lipton iced tea that was also on the ‘must have’ list.
The list shrunk generously after one short outing… what can I say, we must be task oriented 🤪👍🏻

The sunshine was enjoyed awhile more, another coat of paint applied by Mich and then we walked to the nearby grocery store for some more supper items.

I made butter fried fish seasoned simply with salt, a heavy peppering and fresh lemon juice once plated, green beans with bacon and feta, (thanks to the feta idea in South Africa 😉) rice and pre made garlic bread.
The fish was a tad fishier than I’m used to enjoying but other than that I’d say it turned out fine 😋

Inge (mother-in-law 😉) made everyone dessert.

Using the very Dutch ‘Vla’, which I interpret to tasting very much like pudding to which they all vehemently disagree 🤪, strawberries and whipped cream ☺️🍓🍶

April 25th –

Mike painted.
I painted one coat, on one window, pretty much just to say I contributed when really it was very minuscule in the scope of things 🤪

We retrieved lunch from another snack bar, this time choosing ‘kapselon’. The Döner Kebab dish served with fries, creamy garlic sauce, shredded cabbage, feta, cucumbers, cheese and the odd pickled/green jalapeño 🤤👍🏻

It hit the spot.

I plan to eat ice cream with disco dip, every chance I get as well 😉

Whilst waiting for it to be prepared though, we popped over to the grocery store to again grab some things for that night’s supper.

Gnocchi and canned tomato ricotta sauce to be topped with arugula, another pre made garlic bread and pre seasoned, bacon wrapped chicken tenderloins.
The chicken being a pre-prepared meat that we had often enjoyed when living in Holland, thus, another item on the food list 😉

Mike was in charge of beverages, making a minty, lemon iced tea for everyone ☺️🌿🍋

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