Llandudno Beach Photoshoot

Time to share the photos of our romantic, evening photo shoot at Llandudno beach 🤪

Turn away if you’re prone to cringing at displays of affection! ‘Jessica closes her own blog’ 🤪

Before our trip to South Africa, I had searched out a photographer to possibly get some photos of Mich and I taken while we were there.

It’s been 3 and a half years since our wedding and though I hope we haven’t aged THAT drastically since then (I’m sure I’m mistaken 🤪) I thought it would be nice to document, well… ‘us’ 🙈

At home, so many people use the wheat or canola fields to take photos in and they are lovely photos and backgrounds no doubt, but I didn’t feel like paying for photos of us alone, in the ‘classic’ Saskatchewan background.
This is so hard to word without making it seem like I think field pictures are dumb but that isn’t at all what I mean!!! 😂

We knew we both really enjoy South Africa and beach backgrounds wouldn’t always be an option, so the decision was made.
I found our photographer via Instagram Melissa Brown ZA  and we set up a date and place and come that time, we slightly awkwardly began the photoshoot 🤪
Luckily she was very friendly and helpful with giving us directions on how to look like we were naturally just…awed by each other 😂

Here you see the results 😉
Enjoy critiquing and spotting all the oddities or endearing features 🤪👍🏻

Not that that’s how I would ever look at photos 🤭🙈


Outfit details!!

My dress – $15.00 Value Village find but Gap brand, originally $70.00.

Mikes shirt – Bought in South Africa, Old Khaki brand.

I did not honestly think anyone wanted outfit details I just felt like something should be written below the photo 😂

My bracelet (wristlet?) was bought during a trip to Hawaii and I love it 🙂





Reflectiooons 😀





Because I am always just super chill and outgoing and let Mike twirl me around… 🤪


M + J

October 9th, 2015.

3 years & 8 months. 1 cottage. 1 apartment. 2 houses. 3 Continents. 19 Countries. 1 Audi (countless other cars, few worth naming :P). 2 gold fish. 16 cats (aka ~ kittens happen). 2 home renovations. Endless DIY projects. Countless new experiences… and so the adventures and memories shall continue 🙂

6 thoughts on “Llandudno Beach Photoshoot

  1. I like the fotoshoot soooo very much!!!
    Specially the expressions on your faces and also the ‘body-expression’ (lichaamstaal) 👌❤️💙
    Wonderful photographer to capture that!!
    But not possible without you two 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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