Sanded Down Storage Solution


It’s time for another before and after… which seem to easily be my favourite type of thing to post about 🤪


I’d spotted this on the Facebook buy and sell page and loved the front panels and felt like they had the dark ish tropical kind of vibe I’m aiming for in our bedroom and we really needed more storage space.

Since our room is pretty small and has the slanted ceilings, a closet/wardrobe isn’t an option, so we make due with our built in dressers and the drawers in our bed frame.
Which is alright but with two peoples worth, of all seasons of clothes, the drawers can become… disorganized 😬

The sanding process took a bit longer than I anticipated but once it was finished, I was pleased with the transformation.

I just used a small paintbrush to lightly brush over the darkened spots on the door fronts and ordered new handles off of amazon.

Hubs doesn’t love it and I can’t say the fullness/execution of our rooms decor is a favourite space of mine but as far as giving us extra storage and working with the space we have, I am happy with it ☺️


Mich made me a simple wooden picture frame for the floral art I’d purchased in Hawaii, to match the style of picture frame on the other piece of Hawaiian souvenir-ing I’d gotten 😉👌🏻
I stained it the same color as our nightstands and love the simplicity of it ☺️

As already stated, the Aloha piece is also from Hawaii.

The hat is from American eagle and more of a decor piece than a fashion one, for a few reasons 🙈
A: I feel like I’m not the type of person who can casually pull off wearing a hat and B: Wind 🤪

Our ‘Jem’ lightbulb was purchased at Home Depot and the cement base was made by none other than the hubs 😉👌🏻💕

The keys were added last, (using sticky tack 😉) as just the pictures and hat, left the space lacking.
I was super happy to come upon the bag of keys I had in my drawer of odds and ends and honestly LOVE how they pulled the little space together 😁

So, there you have it… Facebook buy and sell, strikes again 😉

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