A Pop Of Color, Whereupon To Perch

Some spare bar stools were purchased from you guessed it, the Facebook market place 🤪👍🏻


Though officially our kitchen island only fits four, we’ve had one extra person/mini person sit on each end during visits, so we needed the extra bum rests😜

This specific makeover took an oddly long span of time for me to actually get at and tackle but I’m so pleased with the results 🤓👌🏻🛠

They got a good scrubbing, then a light sanding and coat of primer.

Paint chips were then gathered using this photo as inspiration.


Paint sample pots were then bought at Home Depot for around $5.00 a pot.
I used hardly any of the paint, even after two some coats of paint per stool.

So, I have to think up some new project for the remaining paint because I absolutely adore these colors 🤩🤭🙌🏻



Speaking of our kitchen island, it’s held up well, up till a few days ago.

One edge has just recently begun to crack… and quite aggressively.
Meaning the hubs is called back for some warranty work 🤪

Though it has now cracked and will need replacing probably sooner than later, it was completed in April 2018 and lasted until August 2019… not bad for a project costing around $80.00 and adding a custom aspect to our space.
Plus, now that Michs made one, he can hopefully iron out some kinks in the making of the next one👌🏻

So, hopefully it doesn’t fall apart on one of our toes until it gets fixed but until that time, the stools are looking fine 😉👌🏻

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