Sister Saturday 

October 24th.

First night without Michiel..

I slept great😋

Got up and poured some coffee for Pro and I.. Her coffee had a piece of gold glitter in it, it was a coffee favour left over from my wedding.
So either the glitter was from that or just from her house as she has a bit of glittered things herself 😉
“Leave a little sparkle wherever you go” is one saying we could say we truly do apply to our lives, even if it is by accident ☺️

Got ourselves ready to window shop (with our wallets ready 😜 )
Took Al and Bryn to Mendy’s so we could have a kid-less sister day.
We also got Alanna to take a Polaroid picture of us, it seems like such a memory saver to take it Polaroid style.. Plus it made our hair look amazing 😏

After dropping the girls off we went to the humane society to check out the cat selection.
Quazzi (the cat they already have) is not nice to Al and Pro doesn’t trust it around Bryn.
Didn’t find any there or at the next place but that was how it was supposed to be, as we would find out that evening… “suspenseful music about the cat ” 😜

We headed to downtown Prescott to check out some of the boutique shops and get feathers in our hair.
But first we had to eat, I’d never been to “Shannon’s cheesecake” so we went there.
We shared a grilled chicken wrap with buffalo sauce, avocado, pickles and something else I can’t remember but it all tasted dandy 😊

Turtle cheesecake finished off the lunch date, it was pretty delectable too.

Perused some shops on our way to the feather place.
Got those picked and put in..  

 It really is ridiculous was makes girls feel good but oh well, at least we realize it 😋
We didn’t buy anything other than those.
But it was a fun day, greatly enjoyed.

Between pea brains, trees dropping their leaves and our delicate, graceful movements we really are rather entertaining 😏

The boys were headed back from hunting and we were ready to head back from shopping.  

Seen this beauty during our walking about 😍

Got the girls, got some yellow leafs (two so the boys could have some too) and home we went.

The boys had their own yellow leafs 😏 turds.
Micah Jr. got a buck , they hiked a fair bit, glassed and napped and had a good time from what I gathered.
Supposedly they want Mike to come back so he can barbecue ribs again 😜

Pro happened to look online for kittens.. And found some 😁
After conversing with Josh and the kitten owner, she and Josh headed out to bring home a new pet.
Mike and I stayed with the girls.
On the drive home with their kitten, someone already contacted them saying they wanted Quazzi.
So, a new kitten was dropped off and an old kitten was taken away.. An exciting but slightly sad evening.
Al doesn’t know Quazzi is gone 😬

Everyone ate their own creations for supper.
Vinegar popcorn for me, toast for Mike, cereal for Pro, popcorn twist things for Al.
Not sure what Josh ate.
I then ate leftover Chinese food too.
It was like a buffet!
Without much selection or quantity 😜

Mikes turn to not feel super, I doctored him up some kinda vitamin drink he hated and drugged him with sleep meds.
Getting him back for all the liquids he forced on me during the honeymoon😏

Though he never gave me sleep meds.. Unfortunately😜

Pj’s All Day, Everyday

October 23rd.

Michiel and Joshua got up around 2:30 a.m. to get ready and leave for the hunting spot by 3:00.

He hasn’t learnt how to be silent when he leaves yet.
All normal things yes.. but done at nighttime the volume and rapid movements should have been drastically decreased. 😛
He’ll learn I’m sure.
I hope :p

Girls PJ day was ahead of us 🙂
We got up, had our coffee, relaxed and chatted.
Pro had to go pick up Gramma Darlene to surprise Dayna for her birthday so I just stayed with the girls for a bit.
Once she was back ( she said the surprise worked 😉 ) she started making coconut pancakes from a mix we had seen and not been able to resist at world market.
Coconut pancakes, coconut syrup and toasted coconut on top all with a light layer of butter goes down pretty easy 😉  

Very tasty and filling, good job Pro 😉

Gracie came over to play with Alaina so that meant she didn’t need entertaining.

We really just lounged around being comfy, watching movies, talking and eating.
Also traded back rubs.
I love lazy girl days 🙂

For lunch we prepared some of the delectable tomato-basil open face sandwiches we so enjoy. 

We love them.. but we have them so often we will probably soon overdose and start to dislike them.
I hope that day never comes though 😛

Gracie went home and us four girls just continued the hanging out pattern.
Pro did do some laundry so she was much more productive than me 😉

Planned on a town day tomorrow and Mendy said she would take Al and Bryn for us so that’ll be nice 🙂

Looked online at a photo site Pro uses and decided I should try to take advantage of their sale and make a Costa Rica honeymoon book.
Looking through/choosing photos is such a long process though, I’m not sure i’lll be motivated enough while I’m with family to get it done.

We decided on Chinese for supper so Pro ordered and had to go pick it up. 

It was, as all our other meals from the day, enjoyed greatly.
One last show and traded foot rubs to finish off the evening.

The boys tried calling but the service was pretty bad.
I think Mike is surviving, he said he got two naps, one on a nice rock bed 😛
They had a supper of ribs and steaks so they get just as spoiled out hunting as we do back at home 😉

We are getting the feathers in our hair tomorrow and we decided around 11:00 p.m. or so that our hair was probably to greasy for a stranger to touch so a shower was no longer possible to ignore 😛

After that it was indeed time to get the required beauty sleep for the next days outing 😉

Az. Life Day Two

October 22nd.

Morning once again came early for me.. 5:30 a.m.

I went to the living room with the laptop and settled in with a wonderfully tasty poppy-seed muffin from Costco, a movie and some coffee in one of Pro’s comfy cups 🙂
Cup comfort and design DO affect the taste of the coffee 😉

The others arose and it was my turn to sit with a girl in each arm and watch a movie, but one of my choosing 😉
Then Pro took Al to school and went for a jog.
Mike and I got Brynlee duty. 

After a morning of relaxing we all slowly got presentable just incase we ended up doing something later.

Had a snack of cheese, crackers, pickles and some of Josh’s elk sausage.
It was really good, Mike didn’t mind it but he doesn’t like “mushed things.”
Because BURGERS aren’t mushed meat at allll..

By then it was time to get Al from school so we all hopped in to go pick her up and then hit a few stores.
But first a yellow leaf to energize us enough for shopping 😉

We went to the usual, Ross and Target.
With the Canadian to U.S dollar exchange, deals aren’t really deals here but they still have so much more selection then Sask. 😛

It took a fair chunk of time by the time three adults and two kids go through a store.
Opinions needed, things to be tried on, every section of the store was now applicable. Kids, Men, Woman, sports, luggage, home etc.
Shopping is hard work.
Mike was a little sick of being with only four girls for the second day in a row 😉

Back to the house for a short nap and then freshen up to go have supper at Bruce and Mendy’s.

Barbecued ribs were the main course and they were delicious, along with salad, beans and mashed potatoes.
After that we lacked much room for the dessert that was in the oven.. but a sit on the couches and coffee helped it go down 😉
I’ve never had blackberry cobbler, but I plan to now enjoy it again as soon as possible.

We had a nice time visiting and enjoying good food and company but the time came to head home. 

Josh and Mike were going out hunting with the boys early the next morning so they had some things to prepare for the awaiting adventure.

On the drive home I asked Mike if I could get a feather put in my hair because Pro and I wouldn’t mind doing it while the guys are gone.
He was slightly confused why Id want a feather that comes out, but yet doesn’t come out and what the reasoning was behind it.
Josh tried to explain the process and pretty much said he didn’t understand why either but it makes the wives happy 😛
Don’t try to understand Mike just accept and move on 😉

Hunting stuff was gathered, kids in bed, stomachs full,

Beddy bye!

First Day In Az.

October 21st.

Rise and shine coffee needs to be brewed!

I am used to the early mornings from Costa Rica I suppose because I was up by 7:30.
I got up and went into the living room to see Al sitting in the corner watching a movie.
I said something like “Hiiiii how are you Al ??”
Al, “Watching a movie.”
Al, “Wheres Mike?”
Jess… “ Glad you’re so happy to see me .” 😛

Pro joined us and not long after Brynlee.
She’s such a chubster.
Brynlee, not Pro 😉

Mike came out of the room too and he and the girls watched “Octonauts.” 

I don’t know what it is about guys and kids cartoon shows, how can they get so absorbed in a kids show..? 😛

We drank our coffee and discussed plans for the day and the following days.
Pro made us waffles 🙂 

We then unpacked and settled in a bit before getting ready for town.

Pro had errands and then we had the pleasure of getting Mike his first In-N-Out burger! 

After Yellow Leaf coffees had been ordered and enjoyed 😉

TJ Max was visited and then back to the house.

We all wanted naps.. only Mike got one.

Supper was chicken enchiladas and I enjoyed it, too much.. Good thing I got a cozy hoodie today to hide the stomach I could no longer hold in after four helpings 😛

Off to Wednesday night church service.

Back at Josh and Pros we visited and had some interesting discussions about life, travel, money and marriage etc. 😛

Strunk House Here We Come

October 20th.

The bouquet hotel was near a souvenir shop and grocery store, so after a breakfast of rice and beans, scrambled egg and fruit salad, we walked over to make some final purchases.

I can’t say what we bought because there are those of you who will be receiving :p
But don’t be to excited it’s the normal tourist things, but bought with much love I assure you 😉

Leaving Costa Rica for Houston was interesting, they have a little bit stricter security measures in some parts.. they made me take out my hair pins, so I looked homeless and then I realized technically I am, so I guess it was fitting :p
Also in the walkway to the plane itself they again check your bags for liquids etc.

The  four hour flight to Houston went fairly quick.
Thankfully so  as the man beside me stank of body odour..(no not Mike 😛 )
A small nap to start it off and then some quality movie time to finish it off.

Upon landing in Houston the US customs and border control van drove up to our plane, three men exited, one armed with a gun and stood outside the plane.
No idea what that was about.
We searched for food at the airport and settled for Wendy’s .. they don’t have much selection in the terminals we passed through.
We had four hours to pass there before heading off to Phoenix.

Into the plane we go. 


It was a night flight and I tend to enjoy those.
Chilly plane and being to short for the headrest causes discomfort and trouble sleeping.
Just as no leg room and the head rest not being tall enough most likely interfered with Mikes sleeping as well 😛
It was fine though and we arrived at the airport on time.
Until we had to wait 25 min. in the plane for another one to leave so we had a gate to enter 😛
Oh well, its annoying at the time but we could deal with a lot worse than that.
We made it safely to our destination once again thanks to the Lords constant watching over us 🙂

Got a shuttle from the airport and slept off and on amidst the constant talking of a fellow passenger.
How can one person have so much of nothing to say at 1 o’clock in the morning?! Pro picked us up and ten or so minutes later we were at their place and trying to make up for the lost hours of sleep.
Pro had coffee ready and waiting for morning.
Such a happy thought to go to sleep with.

Spontaneous Disclaimer Wrote In The Airport 

My husband / want to be English teacher, brings it to my attention that words such as: Grosser, funner, awesomer, more better and words similar to those, are not real or proper and should be replaced with correct grammar.

But I .. Do not use correct grammar.

I’m sorry for those of you it may bother or drive a little crazier then you may already be, but my goal is to write this how I would talk it.

So I’m sorry, but not really 😉

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