The Final Foray Through France


We awoke to a sunny morning, prepared ourselves as best we could in the small-ish quarters and drove back into town. Mike somehow recalling the location of a bakery we’d passed the day before 🤪


A display case full of delicious looking temptations was fully stocked, as were the shelves of bread behind the counter.


What a way to start the day 😍 
We walked back to the RV, goodies in hand, walking by the ever eye-catching scenery.


Much that we saw, being old walls built from hand-picked and assembled stones. 
The labour that was put into the things we so casually pass by, causing one to stop in total awe if you pause long enough to consider what it is you’re actually seeing 😳

Mike drove us to the waterside in Fort – Mahon Plage, so we could eat our goodies with a view.


Not eating them outside, as the wind was pelting sand around and causing a general feeling of unpleasantness 😜


Once we licked the crumbs off our fingers, our drive began again.


And I didn’t even relocate to the ‘back seat’ 🤪 
We stopped at a grocery store, as what trip of ours is really complete unless we overspend in a local grocer ?? 🤪 
This was just a small section of their chip selection.


Please take the time to read all of those vastly different flavours 😅🙈
A drastic change from Holland, where they have very few chip flavours (the main one being ‘paprika’) compared to many places.

We journeyed on through little, and large French towns. Pausing at places with viewing opportunities as necessary, slowly moving back towards Holland.


We considered going to Europe’s largest aquarium in Boulongne-Sur-Mer, but when we drove by, they were closed 😕 
Making that probably once in a lifetime opportunity, a non opportunity 🤪

We went into the city then, Mike managing to find a parking spot for the RV, so we could walk around and explore a little via foot.


We walked into what would have been the old city center.


Homes, stores and their massive cathedral, all being built within the confines of a protective stone wall. 
People still living and working inside the existing walls, where no cars are allowed, but now with a thriving city also continuing on outside of those walls. Whether because it was Monday or afternoon in France, or both, finding an open place to eat, was once again a little tricky.
We finally found a pizza place and ordered a margarita pizza to go, taking it back to eat in the RV. 

The thick, chewy mozzarella atop a thin but still doughy crust, not at all failing to satisfy 🤤


Two murals were spotted while driving through town, the man in the yellow raincoat was painted by a Canadian artist 



One more bakery was stopped at for good measure before we left town.


We paused at Fort d’Ambleteuse, not realizing that’s where we were headed, but not being disappointed that it’s where we ended up for a little leg stretch.


The rocky shoreline was wandered upon for a little while, and then a little while longer once a couple of shells were spotted, as the search had to become a little more serious in its pursuit 🤓




We also gathered a special little collection of rocks from there, specifically for Lake 😉 

B85682C2-9D60-4CAF-AB32-6D1308B1EB79A toy or souvenir had been looked for, for Lake but nothing had caught our eye. He doesn’t love stuffed animals and hardly any other toys for that matter, but we truly did think he’d appreciate the rocks. Not just because they were easy to get as well as being free 🤪

Back at the RV we took a short siesta, since Mike planned to continue driving later into the day. 
Our next stop after restarting the drive, was at a the Calais Canadian War Cemetery.


We signed the guest book and took a moment to ponder the graves. 


Being struck by the ages of so many young men, and their sacrifices.


Wissant was the coastal town we stopped in next, wanting to find a place to eat.


A dolphin was the symbol for a street crossing and I wish they were the symbol used everywhere 😅


We just missed the time for food being served and were thus stuck with the drink and dessert menu options, so an in house pink lemonade and two crepes were ordered.


They were tasty, just not overly filling 

Next stop – Cap Blanc-Nez cliffs.


Pretty self explanatory, cliffs, by the waters edge.



It’s actually the closest point of France to England, and The White Cliffs of Dover can be seen on a clear day.


We had to walk a decently lengthy path to get to the steps that lead down to the actual beach/cliff area.

 It looked like it would be overly far to journey down and really go to the waters edge, but in the end we went further than expected. 


Our wandering feet and the feeling of adventuring taking over 😉


Accumulating 10,250 some steps by the end of the day, which for a day that was spent driving more than not, isn’t too shabby in my opinion 😉



Our feet then took a rest, as our bellies took over and the search for food began once again. 
We passed this impressively constructed house/fence as we drove towards town. 


I don’t really feel like reliving this next part, but for your entertainments sake, I will 🤪

A menu outside of a restaurant was read, and it seemed like a decent price for what would come with the meal.
A starter, entrée and dessert.  
We figured that since we had an upcoming anniversary and when would we try a semi fancy restaurant during a stint in France again, so why not?

The meal began, with duck.


But not at all the duck that I had hoped for 🙈 
Two slabs of cold, fat sprinkled, meatloaf looking duck, topped with a semi sweet pickle, was placed in front of me and thus began the feeling of having made a fatal mistake 🤪 
I took my fork and carefully removed a small corner, bringing it slowly to my mouth and using much inner courage, ate it.
It was not ‘bad’ but nor was it what I would call ‘good’. 
Mike too tried it and he then admitted that after reading the French menu, he had thought the duck would either be a soup type dish, or what I got 🤪  
I wish he’d have mentioned that fact sooner.

Neither of us had any desire to eat the duck, so there it sat. Awkwardly untouched, catching the curious eyes of the waiters and waitresses that passed, unsure if we were done, or simply not hungry. 
I excused myself to use the restroom, hoping beyond hope that the waitress would come whilst I was away, but she did not.

I found this situation very uncomfortable 🤪🙈

She finally came, asking if anything was wrong and we explained that we were simply unlearned tourists whom hadn’t expected that type of dish 🤪 
A long wait then ensued. 
As people around us were served and we waited, and waited. 
Our plates were finally brought out, and then quickly taken away! As they were for another table 🤪

So we waited some more 🙈

Finally our dishes did come, Mikes lamb shank being pretty tasty, my fish being fine, just a little boring.


We never got the wifi password given to us either, and when you’re traveling without any, have routes to plan and a child to check in on, that is a point against the establishment as well. 
It was not the worst dining experience, but it just slowly slid into a less and less pleasant one, considering the price and expectations and it just wasn’t the happiest feeling note to end the last meal of the trip on 🤪 
We got out of there as quickly as we could, which was not very quickly at all, and hit the road 🤓

Mike then admitted he’d thought all along that we should have just eaten at the next McDonald’s, as he’d rarely been impressed by food when in France.
Speak your thoughts out loud next time husband! 

By then it was dark out, and Mike decided he would just drive until he got tired, find a place to park us for the night and call it good. 
I retired around 11 or so I think, and he went on until 1 ish I believe…

1,754 Km

Saturday Jan 28th –

A fitful nights sleep was had by all.
Surprisingly for Zoe and I, since we’d slept pretty much the entirety of the day before 😜

We quickly found a bakery where a baguette, strawberry tart and citron tart were purchased for some snacks later on and then a grocery store was stopped at for the required souvenir purchasing Mike and I tend to do in at least one grocery store per trip 😏

Then it was a solid stretch of driving, taking us to our trips purpose, Mont St Michel.

We shuttled from the parking lot to the bridge which is now connecting the island to mainland.

A Disney like spectacle met our eyes.

We paused to eat our sweets and since Mike ate his faster than Zoe and I, he didn’t have the same problem we encountered.

Seagulls. Continue reading “1,754 Km”

The Start Of The Road Trip – Brugge & Paris

Sunday 24th –

We all slept in as long as we could, trying to catch up (and save up) on some sleep 😏

I started the oven to heat up the cheesecake thingy for breakfast but unknown to me Mike put it in the oven soo the top was more black then brown by the time I realized what he’d done 🙄
Oh well… Under the top crust it was still pretty tasty.

J+P’s luggage came to the house around ten o’clock so that was really nice for them.
We then packed up and got ready for the road trip we would be starting later that day to Brugge.

Mike decided a walk should be taken so we went out behind our house for some fresh air.  


Some wool was on a fence and Mike stated it was “skeep shin” so pro and I got a laugh out of that accidental mispronunciation.
He will have to learn that we are not laughing AT him but WITH him 😉😜

Back at the cottage we enjoyed some coffee and the macaroons we purchased the previous day… Pistachio and vanilla were the favourites 😍

John and Inge came over after church was done so they could see us all since our previous plans to see them had changed around due to the flight delay.
Mike helped cut up some cheeses and veggies and I prepared some easy salsa, chips, crackers, mango etc.  

We visited and snacked on that until it was time for us to leave at four.

Off to Brugge we went.
The start of a pretty long road trip that was to take place over two and a half days.

On the drive there we stopped for supper at ‘La Place/ McDonald’s’.
Josh and I were happy with McDonald’s but Mike and Pro wanted to go for a slightly more refined meal.
Turns out Josh and I made the better choice 😏

We got to Brugge just after eight.
Found our hotel, parked the car and then headed out to do some nighttime sightseeing.  

It’s pretty with all the lights but also hard to get any decent pictures so we were looking forward to daylight.  

After searching for food we ended up back where we started and settled on showing J+P what Dutch snacks were all about. ( Notice I said ‘Showing’… I don’t eat that stuff. )
Mushy meat, weird flavours and fries that are to big in my opinion 😏 ( and Pro’s 😋)

Then to the hotel and bed to try to rest up for upcoming adventures.

Monday 25th –

Got up and ate a small breakfast at the hotel before heading out to see Brugge by daylight. 

Pretty doors, pretty houses and big church’s. 
Lots of chocolate stores, lots of cobblestone and lots of walking.
It was a pretty town but Brugge stinks.
No, literally 😜
So many garbage trucks passed by us and then the most nasty sewage stench when walking by a cathedral under construction.  

The sights are pretty and interesting, the smells are not.
Until we walked by a waffle stand and a restaurant with fresh breads that is 😏👌🏻

We climbed a 366 stair tower in the midst of the town for the supposed best view available.
It was a very nice view… and a very long climb up and back down again.
Burnt some calories at least😜

The guys went to get our luggage from the hotel and bring the car to us. Or so we thought😏

While Pro and I walked the streets in search of authentic and tasty treats to bring back the boys pretty much took our luggage out of the hotel and then tried to find us.
The street name didn’t seem to help them and then after waiting half an hour for them we find out they didn’t even bring the car! 🙄😬

Pro and I got focaccia bread with tomatoes and mozza for lunch and the boys got sandwiches from a bakery owned by a friend of Mikes.  

Belgium waffles had to be tried before we left so pro and I suggested we get them at a stand right beside us for the price of 2€!
But no.. Mike knew the BEST stand so we had to go there… No matter that it meant walking another ten minutes on sore feet 😒
We get there and they were closed.
You can imagine how impressed Pro and I were 😏

Fiiiiinally waffles were found and eaten and then we walked even more to get to the car (where the boys left it ) and head out of Brugge and towards Paris.   

Unfortunately for Mike his travel companions all fell asleep… Again 😁

It took around 3 hours to get into Paris.
Found a parking garage as close to the Eiffel Tower as possible and off onto the streets of Paris we went!  

We climbed the Eiffel Tower to the first floor and I admit I took a few breaks… All of our legs were feeling the effects of the 732 stairs we had climbed, not to mention the normal walking done all day.
We had gotten tickets to go to the top but there was no way I would be walking that far so Mike and I stayed on the first level while Josh and Pro headed higher up.
They came back to us trying to catch their breath, coats off and admitting they only made it a couple more levels up and decided there was no way they would be continuing on to the top 😏
Smart people 👌🏻

Mike had told us if we were good on the tower we could get cotton candy 😏 

More walking and picture taking.
It was my second time in Paris in the winter so as much as it’s a thrilling place to see, I was kind of just along for the ride and company.
But as beautiful as the big cities can be, country is still where us three foreigners feel most comfortable 😉

As we started back towards the car, a slight case of misunderstanding/ tiredness of driving/people being tired from sitting or walking took hold of us and friendly communication was put on hold… But what else would you expect to happen on a family road trip 😏😜

Annoyance pushed aside so plates could be pushed in front, we found a restaurant and sat down.


Everything looked the same so it’s just typical Paris food priced high because it’s by the tower, no one to blame for choosing a restaurant just like all the others we passed.
But a brief menu inspection brought deep sadness…
Want a Coke for 6.50€ ? Or maybe a 4.50€ water? I know … Maybe a 35€ duck 😏
The guys ordered overpriced burgers that were like ones from McDonald’s, just on a few more steroids. Us girls just shared with them.

To the car and off Germany.
(Prepare to be sick of pictures)

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