The Final Foray Through France

10/04/21 We awoke to a sunny morning, prepared ourselves as best we could in the small-ish quarters and drove back into town. Mike somehow recalling the location of a bakery we’d passed the day before 🤪 A display case full of delicious looking temptations was fully stocked, as were the shelves of bread behind the counter. What [...]

1,754 Km

Saturday Jan 28th - A fitful nights sleep was had by all. Surprisingly for Zoe and I, since we'd slept pretty much the entirety of the day before 😜 We quickly found a bakery where a baguette, strawberry tart and citron tart were purchased for some snacks later on and then a grocery store was [...]

The Start Of The Road Trip – Brugge & Paris

Sunday 24th - We all slept in as long as we could, trying to catch up (and save up) on some sleep 😏 I started the oven to heat up the cheesecake thingy for breakfast but unknown to me Mike put it in the oven soo the top was more black then brown by the [...]