Window Of Opportunity Taken

Tuesday March 7th –

We packed up and left our penthouse around 9:00 am that morning, having finished our exploring of Gozo and heading back over to Malta.

Breakfast on the ferry was a beef pie and it was one of those things that was kind of gross but yet still weirdly satisfying 😜

The wind had picked up immensely and the swells were much bigger than our first ferry ride, making one think about how awful it would have been to be on a smaller ship, for all your travel/work/pirating back in the day 🌊😬

We made it across and Mike drove us to the area of Valletta , the capital of Malta.
Our drive was scattered with heavy rain, sun, more rain and a constant strong wind, making walking through the streets sound pretty unappealing, yet necessary, since it was our one and only time to see things there.

Thankfully the rain stopped but the brutal winds followed us down most streets, forcing enough dirt and grime into our eyes, that it felt like they’d tried to go swimming in a sandboxπŸ‘€

Which would be real dumb😏

The balconies were pretty unique to see and it was a much different style of building then I’ve seen other places.

Lovely doors were seen on every turn, some new and shiny, some old and even charred but almost all interesting. Continue reading “Window Of Opportunity Taken”

Phobias and Philias

Sunday March 5th –

I crawled out of bed in hopes of being able to enjoy my coffee outside, but it was a chilly, albeit very pretty morning.


Coffee was enjoyed from inside, looking outsideπŸ˜‰πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

The house was STILL cold.
Mike called the owners and as it turns out, the air conditioner was also the heating system, so we needed to have that turned on πŸ™„
Not long after learning that information and putting it to use, a few bursts of heated air began to be felt and it was lovely 😬

Eggs and bacon were considered for breakfast but Mom and Mike couldn’t get the stove started so instead we all began getting ourselves ready to go out.

The actual owner stopped by for a few moments and told us a few more tips and tricks about the place and suggested a place for us to try breakfast.
We hoped it was better than his daughters suggestion the night before πŸ™ˆ

Off to ‘Mojo’s‘ we went.

It was a little, local restaurant/cafe with a bit of a tropical feel. Retro car wall murals, green table tops and seat cushions and cherry colored woods making up the decor.
I decided to be a little adventurous, ordering a sweet chili and quinoa wrap for breakfast, since when else but when traveling does one get to try new foods? Continue reading “Phobias and Philias”

Preparing To Travel Through A Sepia Picture

Friday March 3rd –

Due to some complications with the person trying to buy our apartment, we allowed another looker to come just in case they would be ready finically, sooner.

That being said, the apartment needed cleaning 😬

Our morning passed by doing that and getting ourselves ready to head out come viewing time.

Mike had found a second hand store to take us to and he was more excited about the treasures hiding then Mom and I.
The two of us, hardly being able to look at the one shelf in front of us without Mike calling us from another area of the store, trying to show us something else he’d discovered πŸ˜‹

We did find some things though and for a second hand stop, it was a pretty good haul.
Mom finding a pair of new ankle boots (which I greatly envied) and me finding two cute cups I shall use for espresso, a pewter dish for flower arrangements/fruit bowl etc. (not the lightest item to add to the moveπŸ™ˆ) and some jars for an upcoming batch of wine jelly πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

From there we went to explore a couple of stores where I usually find things I like, so I wanted Mom to see where I had done much of my apartment decor shopping.

We went, we saw, we left 😏😊
Nice things were seen but as it often is, the budget and suitcases are too small to accommodate our wishes πŸ˜”

Mike drove us to one more, second hand store and it’s a good thing we found things at the first one, because the second was more like one of those places you’re afraid to go into after only opening the front door as the floor rises and falls beneath your feet and the strange smells invade your nose. Continue reading “Preparing To Travel Through A Sepia Picture”

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