The Garden Route Awaits

Tuesday March 21st - We took time and enjoyed our last breakfast together. Still having things to talk about and discuss, plus the fact that Jolien (Pronounced Yolien😉) and I had both moved away from home added a whole other extra topic to be explored 😋 Coffee was sipped and the morning taken slowly, them [...]


A Sunday, A Funday And Steak 😏

Sunday March 19th - Church in South Africa. I forget Mike has been to South Africa two other times already, so most of the experiences are not new ones for him. But as I expected, the song service had a little more sway and a higher volume level then our usual service😉 But it was [...]

Our First Days Learning The SA Ways

Friday March 17th - We slept fitfully until around 8:30 am. I woke up with a headache due to some allergies still hanging on but other than that it had been a great sleep. As soon as Mike and I were ready to go out, we four headed for breakfast. Our hosts were maybe regretting [...]