Knysna – Heart Of The Garden Route

Thursday March 23rd –

(Knysna – pronounced with a silent K)

Morning began with breakfast at our hotel.
A large spread was waiting for us in the breakfast room and our hostess brought over our coffee.

The weather wasn’t as hot as our previous days and it wasn’t a bad thing πŸ˜‹

We checked out by 11:00 am and began driving to our next spot, still in Knysna, just a little further out of town.

I wasn’t feeling so good, my allergy/cold becoming suddenly worse, rather than better, so we went to see if we could check in to our next hotel early.
We drove up to the large, deserted looking building and Mike knocked on the door.
No one came out and since official check in wasn’t until 2:00 pm. we decided to return then.

‘The Heads’ weren’t too far away, the area where the sea water comes from into Knysna’s lagoons.
We walked around, collecting some new types of shells while being sprinkled with a light misting of rain.

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The Garden Route Awaits

Tuesday March 21st –

We took time and enjoyed our last breakfast together.
Still having things to talk about and discuss, plus the fact that Jolien (Pronounced YolienπŸ˜‰) and I had both moved away from home added a whole other extra topic to be explored πŸ˜‹

Coffee was sipped and the morning taken slowly, them saying it was a compliment that we didn’t want to leave and us feeling badly about using their time, to our advantage 😜

But eventually we did leave πŸ˜‰
With much appreciated advise about our journey ahead which would be taking us along The Garden Route.
We planned to drive it within a week or so, driving only a couple of hours a days and stopping for as much exploration as we wanted.

As you may have guessed, I fell asleep pretty quickly 😬
Road trips aren’t the way to get me to see countryside but Mike woke me up if there was something very interesting to be seen πŸ˜‹

We stopped at ‘The Villiers Chocolate Artisan’ and looked around for a few minutes, buying some chocolates to taste test and not being overly thrilled with the results.

Lacking the creamy smooth textures I so enjoy in chocolate.
They were fine, but since Holland has an abundance of good chocolate, we kind of know what we like and don’t like by now.
The tour may have been interesting, explaining the process and flavours, but we decided we had other things we’d like to spend money on😊

De Villiers Chocolate

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A Sunday, A Funday And Steak πŸ˜

Sunday March 19th –

Church in South Africa.
I forget Mike has been to South Africa two other times already, so most of the experiences are not new ones for him.

But as I expected, the song service had a little more sway and a higher volume level then our usual serviceπŸ˜‰
But it was enjoyed and installed a little wishfulness for that kind of singing everywhere.
Though we know, however unfortunate, we white folks aren’t so talented in the area of pretty, rhythmic noise making πŸ˜‹

The service was enjoyed and the following lunch back at the flat.

Everyone stuffing themselves accordingly with chicken sandwiches made on Portuguese rolls before retreating to rooms for afternoon naps.

Our hosts knew how to ‘Sunday’ well πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

We returned to church for the evening service and tried our best to wake up fully before arriving.
The heat mixed with an interrupted nap made everyone feel a little groggy.

After hearing a continuation of that morning’s service, we returned and spent the remainder of the evening together in the living room.
Enjoying coffee and tea, talking, making plans for the next day as well as for our upcoming road trip.

Monday March 20th –

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Our First Days Learning The SA Ways

Friday March 17th –

We slept fitfully until around 8:30 am.
I woke up with a headache due to some allergies still hanging on but other than that it had been a great sleep.
As soon as Mike and I were ready to go out, we four headed for breakfast.
Our hosts were maybe regretting telling us to sleep until we wanted, because they were ready to eat 😜

‘Pajamas and Jam’ was the restaurant they took us to and I think it was easily one of tastiest, most interesting restaurants we’ve been to. Ever.

It used to be a scrap shop and they converted it into a bit of a restaurant/store, keeping the style of scarp/antique ish decor.

Desserts made right there, graced display tables near the entrance.
An eclectic energy surrounded us as we sipped our lemon grass and spinach juices and enjoyed their taste, which I described as a deliciously sweet yard in our mouth πŸ˜‹

Breakfasts were ordered and after much contemplation over the large and interesting selection, I opted for the semi adventurous option, the Super Bowl.

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