The Arizona Apparel Line


Currently unavailable for purchase 


The Arizona line of the Jemstory’s Lifestyle collection!

It may seem like a random place to create designs for but Mike and I both have family and friends from there, so it was a fun path to veer onto ☺️


Unfortunately, I don’t have a physical shirt with the ‘Arizona Sunshine’ design to show yet but I will by the end of the week! Below is a computerized example and it will be similar to this product as well, Ladies Land Of Living Skies T-Shirt .


Both the ‘EXPLORE AZ’ design and the ‘Arizona Sunshine’ design, are available on any of the following shirts. Though the long sleeve shirt and the mens short sleeve, are not unisex sizing, so they will fit larger.


They are $25 US (price includes shipping & handling) for US customers.

If you live in Canada and wish to purchase some of these products, your price is $25 CA but shipping + handling will have to be estimated upon ordering.


You may make your purchase by emailing me your preferred details to or sending me a private message on Instagram ☺️ 📲


Click on the photos to enlarge them and see the measurement details.


These are the options for the long sleeve style.
Sizes XXL, XXXL and XXXL are only available in the forest green and orange colours.



The mens t-shirt options.


The colours available in the ladies t-shirt.


I’ll choose the appropriate printing colour of either very light grey or black printing, depending on the needed contrast with the shirt colour chosen 😁

Once again, I hope you all enjoy wearing these as much as I enjoyed taking the time to create them!

Don’t forget to tag @Jemstory! 💎

Ladies T-Shirts, Now Available!

Currently unavailable for purchase 


At last, the moment we’ve all been waiting for!! 😉

Well, I don’t actually know if you’ve ALL been waiting for it but I know I have been 🤪

Woman’s t-shirts are now available to order!

You can have any of the designs available, printed on a variety of colors and sizes.

The current designs available are the ‘Explore Sask’ and the ‘Land Of Living Skies’. Continue reading “Ladies T-Shirts, Now Available!”

The Lifestyle Mug Collection

And now for another newly available product, mugs, with 6 different styles to choose from! 😁☕️

At $15.00 each (plus shipping if applicable), these mugs all sport a piece of artwork that I created in representation of Saskatchewan.

If you’re interested in supporting local and representing your province in this form (or in forcing someone else to via way of gift🤪) just leave me a comment here on the blog or send me a direct message on Instagram! @Jemstory ☺️💕





I myself love a good personalized mug.

Every morning I pick my specific cup for the day and get genuinely disappointed if the one I had in mind isn’t washed (who’s with me?🤪 ) and would be thrilled if one of my mugs, could become ‘that mug’ for you! ☺️

A Gift For The Sask. Men In Your Life – Mens Prairie Apparel

Currently unavailable for purchase 


I’m excited to finally share a slice of a project with you all, which I’ve been working on for the last couple months ☺️


A Saskatchewan themed, long sleeve shirt… just in time for the season of obsessive giving and gifting might I add 😉


I’ve wracked my brain and wrecked my posture while working on designs, but now I’m finally able to show one of the finished products and offer it to you ☺️

Continue reading “A Gift For The Sask. Men In Your Life – Mens Prairie Apparel”

Original Art for Home, Gift, Office or Post

Feast your eyes on little bits of my handmade art, below ☺

In my few, spare and rare bits of freedom (😜 lies, as I have abundant spare time) I’ve used my moments to create little art/lettering pieces and because I don’t need a drawer full of my own stuff, just being stacked thicker and thicker… I am making them available to anyone who’d be interested ☺

They are all made using a heavy, watercolor paper, watercolor paints, markers and pens and the sizes are listed below each photo.


There is an option to purchase through Paypal, at the end of this post, all purchases here are offered with free worldwide shipping.



Can be left as is or framed as 4×6



IMG_8257.JPGCan be left as is or framed as 4×6




IMG_8478Can be left as is or framed as 4×6


IMG_8747Can be left as is or framed as 4×6



5 1/2 x 8 to display as is



roughly 6 x 8 1/2 to display as is



´The Joy´roughly 5 3/4 square to display as is

´Healer`roughly 5 1/4 square to display as is

´Compassionate´roughly 5 1/2 to display as is



Can be left as is or framed as 4×6



roughly 6 x 8 1/2 to display as is


Can be left as is or framed as 4×6


Can be left as is or framed as 4×6



Can be left as is or framed as 4×6



Can be left as is or framed as 4×6




Can be sold separately or as a set. Roughly 9 x 12

Achievement Level: 500

Two Years, 500 Posts


I applaud myself on this achievement 😜

Did I ever think I would actually complete 500 writing projects/assignments while trying desperately and agonizingly to complete my one or two sentences for a Wordly Wise school assignment?

No 😏

So, it has been around two years give or take a few days, and I have been thinking a fair bit about what I would do when this two year mark came.

I have decided to (try to) write less about what I may have eaten or how much I may have napped and stop wasting your and my time, with such meaningless dribble 😏

I won’t stop writing completely because I have actually really enjoyed keeping this blog and I know it will be awesome to look back on. 

I hope you have all enjoyed it up to this point as well 😊

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