A Jem Moment Of Epic Proportions😱🤩👏🏻🏠

Sooo I just re-read my last house update and my goodness has it ever changed since then!😱😄   I know I’ve updated a little here and there about the process and specific things that were being worked on so you all aren’t totally clueless thankfully, but prepare yourself for a longer read and mind boggling … More A Jem Moment Of Epic Proportions😱🤩👏🏻🏠

DIY Zen Garden

DIY Zen Garden  – For the idle handed fidgeters in your life –   So, my husband always has to be fiddling with something…anything 🙄 He is also always getting in trouble for it 😏 Whether playing with the sugar dish, pulling plant leaves, rattling a glass… you get the idea and it gets even worse … More DIY Zen Garden

Click And Collect

Tuesday Nov 28th – Pie number two began its transformation from ingredients to a plate-able experience. Peanut butter filling with a chocolate crumb crust 🥜🍫🥧   Amidst the making of that, I shopped some of the remaining sales available online, still searching for a reasonably priced/correct size bench for our entryway. To no avail. Hubster … More Click And Collect

As Sweet As Pie

Sunday Nov 26th – Church was about finding the Lords will for our life. Do we truly seek His will? Do we really lay the decisions down for Him to control, or do we let the voices of the world, our family, friends, social media, etc., influence us more than we think and disregard what … More As Sweet As Pie