The Never Ending Day

Thursday March 30th –

4:30 am… what a time to be up on vacation😳
Or any day of life really.

We got ready and drowsily headed out to the tea and coffee area.

We were the first ones there and we clumsily poured some coffee and munched on a peanut butter cookie or two while waiting for the others to crawl out.

Our guide joined us to say good morning and that he was ready when we were, so we quickly finished up our drinks and loaded into the jeep.
He’d warned us to dress warmly because mornings were usually pretty brisk but it wasn’t too bad at all with the blankets around our shoulders and we forgot about the cold once a lion was glimpsed on the road and then another further on and once the sun was up 😏👌🏻

Photo creds to our guide👌🏻

The second (pictured above) was a bit of a younger male and he cared less about us being by him, calmly walking down the road.

He walked long enough that we decided to move on and try seeing other things.
Like a leopard that had been reported!

On our way to see the leopard, four hippos were seen bathing in a dam.

A baby tried to get up on its mother back and the group actually swam closer to us, grunting in slight annoyance.

We then drove as quickly as possible to reach the area the leopard was, all in anticipation of seeing one of the harder to spot, ‘big five’.
With roughly 1 to see in every 9,000 hectors, you may better understand our excitement 😉
We got to the red rocks where the leopard had been seen sunbathing and after squinting greatly and having some direction of where to look, it was seen. Continue reading “The Never Ending Day”

Did You Know Sloths Can Swim?

Wednesday Dec 7th –



Finally got that bacon and egg breakfast made by Mike 👌🏻🍴


That morning we got the good news about me being accepted as Mikes sponsor for him to be able to come to Canada eventually.
It was a welcome bit of information and nice to know for sure that they had our stuff and were working on it.
Now they begin work on his paper 😬



We had to leave the apartment around 4:00 to pick up Oma and Opa who were joining us for supper at Judith’s 😊
She prepared the meal requested by Mike, meatballs covered in a tasty tomato and cheese sauce, eaten atop noodles 🍴👌🏻

Afterwords we went to Wednesday night service and I got to enjoy a sermon in English since a brother from the States was speaking😊

Continue reading “Did You Know Sloths Can Swim?”

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