A Dinner Date And Fiji’s Fate

Thursdays Feb 23rd - A little bit of organizing was done. I guess it's in the air since that's what Mike had been doing with the grandparents too 😏 The space under the guest/nap bed was cleaned out and items went through. Turns out it was mostly suitcases under there... guess that'll be a good [...]

An Entirely Different Morrow

Saturday Feb 11th - Up and out of the appartement Zoe and I went by 10:15 that morning, since there was another viewing of the apartment. Mike had left earlier in order to show the car to someone who was possibly interested in purchasing it (this being the car owned for less than two weeks) [...]

Jem Moment: Prepare The Basement Suite

So ladies and gentlefolk, prayers have been answered and our apartment has sold! 😳 After three apartment viewing and two offers in one week, we and another young couple came to an agreed upon price/move in date and even a price to leave the place almost fully furnished! Making it a much simpler moving out [...]

Experiencing My Previously Experienced Experiences

Wednesday Feb 1st - Doesburg day β›ͺ️🏘 After a quick breakfast of apples with a yogurt fruit dip ( thanks epicure - Epicure Summer Berry Dip  ) it was time for us to show Zoe the town Mike grew up in. And also to make sure loempias got tested😜 The sun was shining so it was [...]

Knowing A Lot And Nothing At All

Wednesday Jan 18th - We decided to call a realtor to come check out the apartment and tell us a little bit about what options we had available and in doing so, hopefully figure out some steps to take in our upcoming future πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ 🏒 πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ We were told the possibilities are to put it [...]

The Future Awaits/Waiting For Our Future

Monday Jan 16th -     As I sat upon the couch with my morning coffee, about to set up the laptop and work on the blog, the front door began rattling and I curiously awaited who would appear from behind it since Mike was supposed to be at work at the office, but he [...]