An Un-desired State Of Semi Planned Chaos

Monday March 13th - Packing. Mess. Disorder. Sorting. An un-desired state of semi planned chaos 😬 Our day was spent sorting through anything and everything. We knew we owned more stuff then we thought, but we also may not have realized we had so many clothes πŸ™ˆ By we, I mainly mean me. In my [...]

Cleaning Up Our Image

Friday Jan 20th -       We had an appointment at the gym close to our place that morning 😏 It was nearer then we thought even, and if we do end up attending it, we should technically walk there as our 'warm up'Β rather than take the car the half-minute drive away 😜 We [...]

This Home Reno (not) Sponsored By IKEA

Wednesday Oct 12th -     The much sought after and long awaited day finally came, the day we would no longer be homeless vagabonds but have a place to call our ownπŸ‘« 🏠 It was a process that started at 10:30 that morning. We first went to the apartment to meet the current owners [...]

Jem Moment πŸ—πŸ’πŸ’‘

We officially own an apartment 😱 After being technically houseless since June and living with each set of parents, today was the awaited day... papers were signed, keys handed over and voilà! We almost didn't have it today because an official English translator wasn't present at the reading of the papers. We had been told [...]

One Door Opened And Another Door Closed

Friday Sept 23rd -     The door to fall seemed to finally crack open here, so it was time to break out the new long sleeve shirt and post wedding attending-beach wave, pony tail hair πŸ˜πŸ’• (Long, overly descriptive sentence I know😝) Mike and I headed to Arnhem on a mission to find some [...]