The Arizona Apparel Line


Currently unavailable for purchase 


The Arizona line of the Jemstory’s Lifestyle collection!

It may seem like a random place to create designs for but Mike and I both have family and friends from there, so it was a fun path to veer onto ☺️


Unfortunately, I don’t have a physical shirt with the ‘Arizona Sunshine’ design to show yet but I will by the end of the week! Below is a computerized example and it will be similar to this product as well, Ladies Land Of Living Skies T-Shirt .


Both the ‘EXPLORE AZ’ design and the ‘Arizona Sunshine’ design, are available on any of the following shirts. Though the long sleeve shirt and the mens short sleeve, are not unisex sizing, so they will fit larger.


They are $25 US (price includes shipping & handling) for US customers.

If you live in Canada and wish to purchase some of these products, your price is $25 CA but shipping + handling will have to be estimated upon ordering.


You may make your purchase by emailing me your preferred details to or sending me a private message on Instagram ☺️ 📲


Click on the photos to enlarge them and see the measurement details.


These are the options for the long sleeve style.
Sizes XXL, XXXL and XXXL are only available in the forest green and orange colours.



The mens t-shirt options.


The colours available in the ladies t-shirt.


I’ll choose the appropriate printing colour of either very light grey or black printing, depending on the needed contrast with the shirt colour chosen 😁

Once again, I hope you all enjoy wearing these as much as I enjoyed taking the time to create them!

Don’t forget to tag @Jemstory! 💎

Diddly Until Departure

Monday March 5th –

On Monday I did diddly.
Like, even less than usual.
Why? Because I was poolside in +20 weather… and my drawing stuff was in the truck my husband had taken for the day and I wasn’t in my own home 😜

But that was ok, coming from -30 to +20’s should satisfy anyone, ‘weather’ you can keep mentally stimulated or not 😜👌🏻☀🌵

There were plans to go out and do some shopping but those plans changed and instead we quickly went out for supper at In-N-Out with the fam, enjoying it as always and then we hit up a park for the guys to kick around the soccer ball.
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Road-tripping Further Into The Americas

Saturday March 3rd –


We woke up, packed up and said our adieus around 8:30, beginning the 7 ish hour drive to AZ.

We stopped in Las Vegas to try out a Greek restaurant the sister had recommend but before we could get to it to eat, we had an appetizer of free, sugar cinnamon pretzels because a pretzel place was celebrating its anniversary 😜👌🏻🥨


The Trump Tower was spotted and in no regards to the man or what he stands for and putting all and any political/lifestyle opinions aside… he knows how to make a tower 😎

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Sasquatch Gone South

Date : Feb 27th 2018
Time : 4:33 am
Place : somewhere in Saskatchewan

…. mission briefing – your journey begins with two agents posed as a married couple making their way out of the country, across the border and over to the Americas.
The husband acts as the chauffeur and the wife as a theatrically minded diversion when necessary.

Their mission? Unspecified but something along the lines of swapping goods with a ‘sibling’ or two along the way.
First package disguised as a box of Dutch cookies, second package hidden in plain sight as a GMC truck.

Should they succeed, an exit plan has been arranged by private plane, at an unspecified as of yet, location.
Should they fail… the fate of many rests in the balance.

Agents, do what you were trained for, this may be the longest, most boring mission of your lives.

Operation code name, should you accept : Sasquatch Gone South

The result of my imagination need for slight release, after only hour 6 of a 29 hour road trip 🔝😬🙈

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Thrills Of Vacation And Of Home

Tuesday Sept 19th –


The last of our items were stowed away that morning.

Few clothes may have been bought, but food and a faux sheepskin rug, somehow take up more space then one figures 💁🏻😜


Breakfast was indeed the cake sent back with me the night before, a fine thing to begin ones day of travels with 😉👌🏻

Then Michiel’s parents drove us to the airport and it was goodbye time.

We were super thankful to get to see so many of Mikes close friends and family during this trip, since hubster hasn’t been back to Holland since April.


Having a kind of ‘in-between meeting place’ was a blessing and getting to sit and catch up with them all in person and do some things together was really nice 💕

We left Phoenix around noon, flying to Minneapolis, waiting around there for four hours and eating one last meal from Chick-fil-A, before continuing on to Saskatoon 😏🍴✈️

The brother was the unlucky one to whom pick up duty fell and we got home past midnight.

The comfort of our (kind of😜) own bed beckoned strongly and the ideas of no early morning alarm being set, no hair having to be done the next day and coffee just as we like it, were thrilling thoughts  to fall asleep to.

For me anyways 😜


Mikes alarm was set and his clothes rifled out of the suitcases, for he had an interview to get to the next morning.




Wednesday Sept 20th –

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The Beginning Of Buoyancy

Sunday Sept 17th –

It was a preacher from New York City speaking that morning and he gave (me) much to think about.

One thing really stuck in my mind and that was this, ‘we spend too much time looking at what satan is doing and not enough time looking at what God is doing’.

He didn’t go into detail on those thoughts but I personally thought about how we do talk about all the bad things happening and ‘poor us or whomever else and look what so and so did’ etc.

How often do we talk about what amazing things have happened to us or those we know and how we have seen the grace of God around us?


After church, we stood outside visiting in the gross heat for a while before driving over to the couple who had invited Mike and I and his parents over for lunch.

As much as I tried to enjoy and or, appreciate the heat, knowing winter doth knock back home…it was really very hard to do while standing on black asphalt with no breeze in +40 and up temperatures 😬

We got to enjoy a delicious meal of pork chops, chicken, salads, bread, casserole style potatoes and a beverage of peppermint tea.

I overindulged and the belt I wore, protested😜

After visiting there for the afternoon, we followed our current hosts, to the next place we were all invited, where sweet treats and more visiting took place ☺️

After Mike and I grew tired of ‘the adult people’ (😉) we drove over to the house of the friends we’d eaten with during the week.

Getting in even MORE dessert and enough coffee at that point, that we were beginning to feel buoyant 😜





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