The Cold, The Heat, The Guilt 

Tuesday Sept 4th- 



Morning brought with it an omelette (which I flipped, in the pan, without making a mess and using just a flick of the wrist 💁🏻) post workout and then much blogging, trying to get some recipes proof read by the mother, before I leave for a couple of weeks.

(She reads everything before I post it usually. Fixing confusing things and adding comas where my brain didn’t think to so I am sorry if these posts make less sense then normal ðŸ˜œ)

I’d went through my assortment of clothing a few days back, trying to let go of the few things that I’ve hung on too, in hopes of them eventually working out and then never using them anyways ðŸ˜

Moms turn to do the same thing, came that morning and I was her audience/judge.

Saying yes or no…or simply making the appropriate faces to show my emotion towards certain pieces, was enough of an answer 😋

Lunch was a tasty beef barely soup, one of my favourites 😄


Though I am not looking forward to winter at all… the fall comfort foods are calling 😬😋

The sis and littles came over for a visit and while we did that, Hubster and Mom gave me a pedi 😋👌🏻

(Mom did the scrubbing/rubbing and Mike did the french tip painting 🙈)

Mom did her best to do my fingernails but with bad lighting and her wearing glasses now… her best…had seen better days 😝🤓


The packing had to begin eventually, though I did push it back until the evening.

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