Where We Once ‘Winkled’

09/21/21 Winkel -  To shop. A Dutch word that never fails to amuse me We’d pre-planned a shopping date with Oma as babysitter for Tuesday, so we readied ourselves and drove to Arnhem. That's the city we'd typically go to for a day of shopping when we lived here. It's street shopping, meaning in and [...]

A Dinner Date And Fiji’s Fate

Thursdays Feb 23rd - A little bit of organizing was done. I guess it's in the air since that's what Mike had been doing with the grandparents too 😏 The space under the guest/nap bed was cleaned out and items went through. Turns out it was mostly suitcases under there... guess that'll be a good [...]

Living Vicariously Through Others

Friday Feb 3rd - Morning came (as it does most days😏) and as usual my routine of getting up, making coffee and enjoying the silence took place.     The creative juices were brewing so I gathered my tools and hoped to create some form of so called art. A fellow came around 11:00 to [...]

Let’s Discuss From Dawn To Dusk

Saturday Dec 3rd -       The boys had stayed up late, catching up with each other the previous night, so I was the only one up and tip toeing around the apartment for a little while. Baking of the casserole began and a small pot of coffee was my lovely, quite companion😉 The [...]

One Door Opened And Another Door Closed

Friday Sept 23rd -     The door to fall seemed to finally crack open here, so it was time to break out the new long sleeve shirt and post wedding attending-beach wave, pony tail hair 😁💕 (Long, overly descriptive sentence I know😝) Mike and I headed to Arnhem on a mission to find some [...]