No Sun, No Rental, No Ambition

Friday Oct 7th –




The sound of rain is what we woke to, finally one day went according to the weather forecast.

The rest of our week had been forecasted as a possible rain/mid to low 20’s but up till than it had been beyond our expectations, +27 being more normal then any storm clouds 😄🌤

Breakfast was a Milka Daim and coffee in bed ☕️💕

The day was a big mix of sleep, sit, sit, sleep, pack a little…
Extremely lazy? Yes.
But we had no rental car, no ambition, rainy weather and yeah, that’s our excuse 😬
Mike would have got a taxi and done something but I didn’t see the point in paying for a short little drive that cost the same as a meal 😬
(Yes, most costs will be compared to meal prices in our relationship 😜)

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