Tastless Thoughts And Expected Surprises

Friday Oct 13th -       I worked that morning and Mike ran errands, got a haircut etc. between the drop off and pick up of myself. He's been having a hard time finding a barber that will meet his European standard for mens grooming 😏😉😜   It was a fresh, -1 outside, so [...]

Magically Easy Unicorn Cake 😉🦄✨

Magically Easy Unicorn Cake 😉🦄   So, I'm going to try to write out the steps and process I followed when making the unicorn cake for the niece and my birthday's. Now, don't be detoured if you haven't made cakes before, as this was really only my third or so, actually legitimately decorated cake and my [...]

A Blessed Little Bundle Of Sarcastic, Introverted Goodness

Sunday June 11th - The day 22 years ago that a blessed little bundle of sarcastic, introverted goodness was born 😁💕 Me I mean 😏 As I did my hair for church, I heard the coffee being sat down that father had delivered. I went to retrieve it and this is how it was presented [...]

Chefs, Baristas, Landscapers And Bakers

Wednesday June 7th -   Cake day! 😬🦄🥄🎂 A birthday dinner (for me) / celebration for   (for Emily) was planned for the next day and I'd been itching to try my hand at making a unicorn cake, so it was the perfect excuse 😉 I (and the sis) worked on that process between sitting [...]

Roll Me In Fairydust And Call Me A Unicorn… Cake

Jem Moment for having finally made a unicorn cake!   I have seen unicorn cakes all over the internet-ish places and have eyed them up with much interest and adoration (probably the same as most of you) 😍👌🏻🦄 I had no ambition to make one while living in Holland, as I only had my little [...]

Birthday Shenanigans And ‘The Good Old Hockey Game’

Friday April 14th - Michiel's birthday 😊 I'd mentally been making note of things he said he wanted for the last few months, telling my family what he'd said so they too would have an idea of what to get him. It was decided that both sides of his family would join in on giving [...]