An Enlightening Sunday And Preparations For Adventure

Sunday Sept 4th -   In my family it's a tradition to leave each other notes or at least one note when we leave each other. In saying that, I'd found none in my unpacking since I returned to Holland and though a little saddened I didn't mention it to Mom. She actually brought it [...]

Most Akin To A Sloth

Wednesday Aug 31st - To the grocery store and then into town to pick up photos and coincidently score on a jewelry sale, everything priced at 1€ 😁 Lunch was the schnitzel we had purchased on sale for a whopping 1.75€. It was really tasty and once again I wonder why I even bother trying [...]

An Excited Scone And Annie Sloan

Thursday Aug 25th -     Mike was working at the office again so I took a relaxed pace to my morning. Getting the cold coffee he had bought me the day before and seeing how it tasted while watching a morning Murdoch Mystery to help wake me and keep up to where mom and [...]

A Second Summer And Searching For Simple Things

Tuesday Aug 23rd -     The rains left and the heat had started, it seems I'm getting a second summer being here while the weather heats up and back home the weather is slowly decreasing in its nicety. Mike was working from home and during his lunch break it was time to fill out [...]