One Year In Our Forever

Another anniversary to add to the books…
Today marks it being one year since Michiel and I moved to Saskatchewan!
How time flies… I guess because most of said year has been winter, maybe it feels like it’s just been one season, thus it can’t have been one year 😜


Michiel has been a champ… I can say I know what it’s like to move away from ones home but NOT while moving to a place with 6-7 months of winter and having to renovate an entire house by myself, while also supporting a spouse 😬

Let’s be real, we are married, we’ve moved, we’ve both left our families at some point, made changes for and with each other, transformed a house and dealt with drastic lifestyle changes.
There has been a fair share of tension now and again and that is only normal considering the above details 🤪


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To Eat, Drink And Become Informed

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018


That afternoon Michiel and I headed to Saskatoon to run some errands and attend a workshop later in the evening.

I write this because we ate and drank good things, got stuff for the house and met some lovely humans… and it was time to stretch the writing muscle 🤓

We dined on sushi.
For the first time since trying it way back before we flew to Hawaii, when we went with friends who knew sushi well and we didn’t have to discover it alone and in the total unknown 😬
It was frighting and I’m not sure why but we still find sushi a very risky dish to order on our own somehow 🤪

According to reviews ‘Nisen Sushi’was the place to go, so, that’s where we went.
The decor and atmosphere were maybe (totally) not THE most welcoming but we didn’t go there to see nicely decorated spaces and feel good, we went there to eat, so technically what’s lack of ambiance reaaaally matter? 😏

Both of us were afraid to try this little reddish thingy placed at our table with no words of how to proceed from the waiter, I bravely (or timidly) tried it first.

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The End Of An Era

The time has come…

I’ve officially made the decision to stop blogging the ‘day to day’ … 🙂

Up until now, I have enjoyed it and hope you have too but lately it no longer interests me as it did and I think after around two years, it probably holds little interest to others as well 😉

I didn’t want to do this to draw attention to myself or make it seem like I think I’m something more than I am, so it feels like the time to end ‘the everyday’, has come ☺️

I still plan on posting, as writing has come to be something I really enjoy 🤓

Any trips taken, or days filled with fetching details will still be shared, as well as recipes, DIY, home and whatever else I may deem interesting enough

Thanks for reading along this far and as always, questions or suggestions are welcomed 😉

A Week In The Life…


Jan 3rd –



That morning the hubster and I worked in a phone date… a tricky thing to do with a seven hour time difference and his jam-packed schedule of mingling 😉

The bro in law and nieces came over later that morning… the bro had a new hose to put on the washing machine, which had begun leaking at midnight, the night Mike had left 😜

I worked on some custom art pieces I’d been asked to do, for a good chunk of the rest of the day😊



I avoided the home of my raisers that day, as most over there were ill 😬


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Just A Spoonful Of Sugar

Monday Jan 1st –


I started the new year off with a very non healthy resolution for breakfast.



Brown sugar and cinnamon toast 🤤👌🏻

If you by some chance have NOT tried this combo… you know what tomorrow’s breakfast or tonight’s snack should be 😏


I then sat down to put up my New Years post, a task Tripp didn’t make easy 🙄
But ‘kittens are cute’ she said! …. ‘She’ being me… and I was telling the truth but forgetting how tiresome a cat that does the same thing over and over and over, can be 😏😜


Like climbing all over the keyboard.


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Modren Technology Takes Its Toll

Friday Dec 22nd –

Mother took me into town so I could take care of the cleaning job and then Hubster picked me up so we could go get new phones.

A task that we did not expect to take 4.5 hours

We went to Best Buy so that we could swap our phone contracts over  from Sasktel, to Bell.
When you do that, you get store credits, money off etc. etc so it sounded like a good plan and it WAS a good plan, it just took way longer then it should have.
So long in fact that we were told to leave and return the next day 😳
It may have been the fault of the employees to a point but it was also computer systems, near Christmas etc. and at least they were very friendly.
One even buying us coffees somewhere in the third hour 😏 Continue reading “Modren Technology Takes Its Toll”

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