Greek Yogurt SoufflΓ©

Greek Yogurt SoufflΓ©   These can be eaten for a light breakfast or dessert and though the process is a little more involved than my usual recipes, I think the effort is worth the reward when it comes to these light, fluffy morsels with hints of sweet vanilla πŸ€€πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ’•     Ingredients: 1 cup greek [...]


Resort Life Vibes

Monday Sept 11th -   We drove into Phoenix to meet up with some family friends for breakfast. Just prior to this trip, I had said how I wanted biscuits and gravy and as I glanced over the menu, guess what I found πŸ˜‹ That decision was made easily and then sad coffees sipped and [...]

The Cold, The Heat, The GuiltΒ 

Tuesday Sept 4th-       Morning brought with it an omelette (which I flipped, in the pan, without making a mess and using just a flick of the wrist πŸ’πŸ») post workout and then much blogging, trying to get some recipes proof read by the mother, before I leave for a couple of weeks. (She [...]

Savoured And Devoured…All At OnceΒ 

  Sunday Sept 3rd - We stayed home and listened to a sermon that morning. Father had to depart back to work that afternoon, so time was spent together. A breakfast of kodiak pancakes, eggs and fruit filled our bellies and then the bro and his tribe came over to hang out as well.   [...]

A Cell For Insubordination

Saturday Aug 26th - After arising and sipping my coffee with cream and sugar, two things I decided I had to continue to allow myself during this two-week eating plan or I would whither away 😜, I did my morning tasks, whatever they were, before heading over to the house to start working on kitchen [...]

Farewells, Greetings And Growling Stomachs

Tuesday Aug 22nd -   The last morning with the sister and her fam.😭 And a sad breakfast of a boiled egg and some blueberries on top of that 😜 A small whirl of packing, toy sorting, item relocating, preparing etc. took up most of their remaining time and then the terrible goodbyes had to [...]