Clean House, Clean Canvas

Thursday Nov 3rd –


There was bits and pieces of cake top left so the extra icing was dished out and that was our breakfast, along with some delicious coffee 👌🏻💕☕️🍰

Looks like we’ll be going back to the coffee store in Doesburg 😎

After the coffee and cake were finished Mike worked and I cleaned house, because it needed it but also because we wanted to make a video of it for all those who can’t pop over to see it.

Check out the video here ⬇️

 Jem Moment : Home Tour 💕🏢📽

As annoying and harmful as technology can be, I’m so thankful it’s available to me at times when I want to show my family bits of my life away from home 💕

Once all that was taken care of I began making a dessert.


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