An Aged Elephant And Master Of The Grill

Tuesday July 25th -     I had been hired to make a unicorn cake for a birthday and that morning was my time to finish creating it, as I had the cake and icing all ready. Things started going from sort of bad, to worse and then just plain awful real quick 😜 The [...]

Chefs, Baristas, Landscapers And Bakers

Wednesday June 7th -   Cake day! 😬🦄🥄🎂 A birthday dinner (for me) / celebration for   (for Emily) was planned for the next day and I'd been itching to try my hand at making a unicorn cake, so it was the perfect excuse 😉 I (and the sis) worked on that process between sitting [...]

Birthday Shenanigans And ‘The Good Old Hockey Game’

Friday April 14th - Michiel's birthday 😊 I'd mentally been making note of things he said he wanted for the last few months, telling my family what he'd said so they too would have an idea of what to get him. It was decided that both sides of his family would join in on giving [...]