Canadian Living Pasta

Now as far as a recipe post goes, this is ridiculously easy as it’s just the link to the recipe 😜


I would have posted it sooner but for some reason I couldn’t find it on Canadian Living’s site, but now I have and I urge you to go try it 😄






Personal Suggestions

For a healthy tweak, I would cut the required oil in half and instead of combining the pasta, sauce and cheese (we used Asiago) in one pot as suggested, just spoon the sauce over each portion.

We enjoyed it with the suggested shrimp and I also added in 1/4 cup of pine nuts into the sauce, and loved the extra crunch.

This seriously became a fast favourite and I have already made it at least 5 times in a couple months 😏👌🏻 🍝

Falling In Love

Friday July 21st –


While waiting for my friend to arrive for a visit, I got to test out the ‘one cup’ option on our new machine and it worked brilliantly 😎👌🏻💕☕️
A delicious, single cup of coffee in minutes and no wasted coffee left to grow old.

I was already falling in love with this ‘Ninja’ (though I would prefer it had a different name) 😜

I attempted deep-frying some rice paper rolls I’d made the day before, as Pinterest seemed to say they could be deep-fried.
Pinterest doesn’t ALWAYS know 🙄😬


(Pre frying… when they looked cool)

Instead of frying, they almost melted… falling apart and becoming completely saturated with oil throughout and after one test bite, I wished I could take it back and now I don’t know when I’ll ever be eating rice paper rolls again, fried or not 💁🏻

The pal arrived and not long after her, the husband and Mother returned as well.

A kind of full house, with no full bellies… so that had to be fixed and I was the one to do it 😋

A recipe from Canadian Living had caught my eye so Mel and I got to work making it.

The bits and pieces came together and a lovely aroma began filling the kitchen. Continue reading “Falling In Love”

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