Savouring My Time With Nothing, And A Cat

Tuesday Feb 21st - Mike made us bacon and eggs for breakfast. Odd of us to have breakfast on a day that isn't Sunday I know, but he was making some for himself since he was headed over to help Oma and Opa sort through some attic stuff, so I decided I might as well [...]

The Comfort Of Camaraderie

Tuesday Jan 24th - We left the apartment around 10:00 am and headed to Amsterdam to pick up some macaroons from our beloved 'Tout Patisserie'. 😍 Also to pick up Zoe 😉❤🛩👭 She arrived safely, on time and with all her luggage, so you could say it was a good start to our day 😊 [...]

An Aroma Of Pure Perfection ☕️

Tuesday Nov 1st -     I woke up with the sore throat gifted to me from Mikes own slightly ill self 🙄 The sun was shining through our window and it looked like a lovely day was ahead, but not so long after the clouds and fog came in 😕🌥 Mike was working from [...]