Five Senses Satisfied

Thursday March 1st –

After a sliver of the lemon meringue tart from Eva’s for breakfast (which was delicious 🤤) we and my sister and her littles headed off to explore the small but sufficient town of Cedar City.


We perused through three stores that were joined together, two of which held many a lovely thing to be seen 😁
It was quickly realized that it was a good thing we were flying home and wouldn’t have space for much, or the temptations would have been great 😬

Such as these, the most perfect platters in the most perfect colors.


Or perhaps these adorably illustrated classics.


And more but it’s only painful to reminisce at this point 😣

We passed through a couple more shops and then went for lunch at the Park Place Eatery.
Which had many good reviews, none of which would be repeated by us after our time there 😜 Continue reading “Five Senses Satisfied”

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