Happy Celebrations And Holidays!

So, I know this seems a little early for any ‘winter holiday’ talk (I hesitated greatly when I went to type out the ‘winter’ bit, as I’m in agony over its nearness) but, with our home reno and a few trips planned, I wanted to make sure and give you all as much notice as possible for this.


First off, thank you so much to those of you who have supported my cement creationsπŸ’•


Some pieces staged in their new homes πŸ˜„

Secondly, these pieces do require time to make and cure and as I said, I will be away.

So, if you want a cute, custom, handmade, unique gift, now (or soonish) is the time to take action and order!πŸ˜„

Whether it’s a birthday, house-warming, new baby, Christmas, anniversary etc. these pieces fit the bill in my humble opinion πŸ˜‰

Now, on top of the old list of availabilities, there are a couple little newcomers!

Air plants!



I have a limited quantity of these guys, so get yours fast! Continue reading “Happy Celebrations And Holidays!”

Twinkly Finishing Touches

Sunday July 23rd –

Dad was once again working away from home so it was Mom, Mike and I who drove to church that morning and then back into town for afternoon errands.

Supplies for new deck lighting that Mom had been wanting were found, so that Mike could work on putting it up and then a sign for a closing out sale at Sears caught our eyes and we figured we might as well check since we were near anyways.

It was busy, messy and the sales lacking the discount a closing out sale should have, in my mind anyways.
I did find some picture frames and Canada pins but that was it, the meager 20% not having much of an effect on my spending 😜

We decided on McDonald’s for lunch, since it was already later in the day and we didn’t feel like waiting to make food at home.
I feel like the prices have went up and the quality went even further down if that’s possible? 😬

Or maybe it’s just that I’m an ‘adult’ now 😜


Once home, Mike went straight away to work putting posts on the deck for the string lights. Continue reading “Twinkly Finishing Touches”

A Pain In The Neck And Clouds In The Sky

Friday June 9th –

I awoke and carried out my usual morning routine.
Going upstairs to sit and drink some coffee while fully waking up.
I woke up too late for the first pot of coffee so after sitting coffee-less for a few minutes and deciding that just wouldn’t do, I stood up, stretched and… could suddenly no longer move my neck without immense, pinching, burning pain shooting through to the base of my skull???

Coffee was forgotten… which in itself tells the severity of the matter.

I stiffly stood where I was and told Mother about the pain I was feeling while I attempted and brutally failed, to turn my neck past centre left.
I could only turn right and even the littlest bit of tightening my neck muscles caused almost tear inducing pain.
And I don’t cry easily.
I don’t mean that crassly or boastfully, it’s just how I roll 😜

Good ol’google told me it was a pinched nerve and a ‘nurse to be’ friend gave me prescription advice of Advil etc. and a heated wheat bag πŸ˜‹

Laying hurt, as I had to tense my neck to rise and fall, so I sat.
I’d had plans to accomplish things but the neck thing was prohibiting and I suddenly had much sympathy for those who suffer much worse injuries.

Mom made coffee and I sipped it cautiously, trying to relax all muscles and becoming aware of how tricky that was to do 😜

Eating leftover turtle cheesecake for breakfast helped though πŸ˜‰πŸ°

The sister and her ‘smart little dumb things’ (a wonderful term she came up with πŸ˜‹) were flying back to their home that afternoon, so it was a morning of last minute packing and preparing. Continue reading “A Pain In The Neck And Clouds In The Sky”

Handmade Home Decor

For the last months I’ve been playing around with these little cement creations.
(Which I think are adorable πŸ˜¬πŸ™ˆπŸ˜)

My time being spent figuring out consistency, container errors and what works and what REALLY does not 😜

As I only have like… five-ish forms to use to create in right now and drying time is at least a day and a half, you could say the production rate has been a tad slow πŸ˜œπŸ™ˆ

But finally I have enough to show you’s and to offer you the chance to purchase some for yourself or someone else as a truly, one of a kind piece of modern/industrial decor 😊

Unfortunately shipping isn’t available at this time as mailing rates are ridiculous enough when mailing paper, much less concrete items😬

Due to that, it would be local pick up/delivery in the Prince Albert, Weldon and Saskatoon areas as my schedule allows.

It is an option to have a custom color but the shapes/sizes are the only ones available at this time.

Each piece is made by hand and coated with an all-purpose sealer.

Leave me a comment or direct message me on Instagram if you’re interested in purchasing any or have any questions😊




Style 1 – $8.00 with plant. $6.00 without – pink and grey with gold edge available

Style 2 – $9.00 with plant. $7.00 without – grey with gold leafing available 

Style 3 – $15.00 with plant. $12.00 without – grey with gold bottom available

Style 4 – $8.00 – limited edition, only one available!

Style 5 – $6.00 – available 

Style 6 – $7.00 with plant – available

Style 7 – $9.00 with air plant – available in pink – UPDATE – currently sold out, inquire for special order

Style 8 – $12.00 with plants. $8.50 without – available with gold details or plain 


All plants included are succulents, unless otherwise specified.

(Size wise, none of the items are larger than a hand but style 3 is a ‘full’ handful)

Also, a thank you to the people who came out and purchased some during the Birch Hills garage sale on Saturday!
Your support was greatly appreciated πŸ˜πŸ’•


Be Our Guest, Be Our Guest!

Wednesday May 24th –

Mom made up a tasty, open faced egg sandwich with cheese and a new basil pesto sauce we had gotten at Costco.

It was really good and I think the pesto sauce will be a good accompanier for much πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Mom had to go to town and I had to straighten up the basement, moving some of Mike and my boxes and items, to make sure they were safe from the soon arriving munchkins.

A pot of soup was then made to have on hand as well and after that, a big container of juice 😊

I still haven’t done much for green juices, which I probably should since those are the actually healthy ones 😜
Pineapple, lime, apple and mint is my favourite fruit combination thus far and everyone else agrees.

Becca and her (now truckload of) offspring came over to visit for a while, sipping some juice, chatting and trying to wake up the baby, which is more of a task then one would expectπŸ˜‹

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Creativity And The ‘Non Secret’ Secret Project

Wednesday May 10th –

Morning blogging and conversation took place after the appropriate amount of coffee was consumed.

Spencer was over but he was truly downtrodden over the absence of his mom.
Sadly shuffling about, to and fro from the couch to the wall with the photo gallery of the family, pointing to ‘Mom’ over and over.
It was sad but Grams was there to comfort, thankfully πŸ˜‹πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

I began painting the wooden blocks I’d saved from our shell table construction and decided the outcome was a pleasant one πŸ˜ŠπŸ–Œ

Supper was a tasty stir fry made by Mom.

(I want to tell you the recipe and yet I don’t… because it’s SO easy, that if I have one of you’s over it won’t seem impressive that I made it, but simply lazy πŸ˜‚)
((Not saying Mom’s lazy 😬😳))

Becca and the saplings joined us and the meal was enjoyed😊

Thursday May 11th –

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